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Whether their primary function is protective, decorative or practical, finishes can be the vital component that elevates an ordinary building into something extraordinary. This month we’re focussing on all types of finish, from adaptive glass to flush fronted washrooms. Most seminars are now available online, but this is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest, do click on the link and check.
An overview of smart glass technology for light control and energy saving in architectural applications. Includes advice on key factors to consider when choosing a smart glass technology, including cost savings, what ‘colour neutral’ and ‘colour lightness’ means and why it’s important, and relevant standards and legislation.

eLstar Dynamics is passionate about light. Natural sunlight brings so many advantages to our lives, but these must always be balanced against the negative effects of glare, direct heat exposure and build up of heat in interiors. eLstar is developing the next generation, most versatile smart glass technology available for a wide range of ecologically inspired applications. Its new adaptive glass achieves utmost clarity using an electrophoretic light modulator (ELM). In addition, the company offers a superior tinting range and limitless range of colours, all at an affordable price .
An introduction to flocked floor coverings that examines what they are, how they’re made and their design potential, before looking in more detail at where they can be used and how they should be specified.

Forbo Flooring Systems is a global producer of world-class flooring solutions, constantly striving to produce sustainable flooring systems that create better environments. Forbo has a comprehensive product offering for commercial, public sector and residential interiors, including its long-established market-leading linoleum, project vinyl and residential collections, as well as a comprehensive collection of commercial quality carpet tiles and a unique range of flocked floor coverings. Furthermore, to prevent footborne soil and moisture from spoiling the appearance of interior floor finishes and causing unnecessary wear and tear, Forbo also provides co-ordinated and fully integrated entrance matting systems.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Schotten & Hansen
An introduction to natural hardwood veneers that explores how the stages of production present interior designers and architects with many structural and design choices, from cuts and grades, matching patterns and surface textures, to bespoke colours. Focusing on naturally sourced materials to create a luxury finish, this seminar also covers sustainability issues, relevant regulations, health, safety and wellbeing, and procurement, installation and aftercare.

Machines are no match for true carpentry craftsmanship. Traditional German woodworking techniques lie at the heart of Schotten & Hansen’s processes, complemented by advanced technology. Each item is brushed, smoked and coloured by hand. All the ingredients in Schotten & Hanser’s finish and care products are developed, produced and tested in-house.

Duration: 50 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Sylan
Covers the key considerations when specifying flush-fronted washrooms, including: different materials and their features and benefits; how choice of fixing systems can impact on the design of high-end, flush-fronted washrooms; budgets and value engineering; equality and accessibility; and, the importance of using tried and tested systems.

Sylan is a leading manufacturer of high-end, flush-fronted washroom cubicles. Its stunning Sylan cubicle range oozes style and sophistication and adds a touch of luxury to commercial washrooms. With a huge choice of materials and colour finishes, Sylan has the toilet cubicle range to match any environment and is perfect for the office, leisure, hotel and retail sectors.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Vandersanden Brick
A look at how clay brick texture can enhance a building’s aesthetics. Includes inspirational project examples, as well as information on the main brick types available, commonly used bonding patterns, and the basics of movement in brickwork and other technical considerations.

Vandersanden is a clay brick manufacturer renowned for its innovation, sustainability and craftsmanship. The company produces a vast array of high quality clay bricks, brick slips and brick solutions in different finishes and colours, ranging from reds and browns to greys, creams and buffs, to inspire the design of beautiful buildings. All Vandersanden bricks comply with EN771-1 and F2/S2 ratings for durability, while all Vandersanden’s brick factories are certified to ISO 14001, the recognised standard for environmental management.

Vandersanden bricks are made from completely natural ingredients, including clay, sand and water. 100% of the raw material is turned into a brick. This means production efficiency is 100%, with zero waste.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Lutron EA Ltd
A look at guestroom control design and specification, examining them from both the guest’s and control viewpoint. Includes guidance on: control system design best practice; code requirements; how the right system architecture can deliver energy efficiency and high performance; the advantages of guestroom control systems compared with traditional analogue technologies (again, from both the customer and hotel’s point of view); choosing the right guestroom control system for you, including manufacturer, product, delivery and installation considerations; and, the different technologies available.

Lutron is a leader in the lighting control industry. It offers a wide selection of energy-saving dimmers, smart control and shading solutions for residential and commercial projects. Its range includes automated roller blinds, curtain tracks, venetian and roman blinds, and skylight solutions (including wired, wireless and battery powered) for new build and retrofit. Its designer and performance fabrics will meet your design and standards requirements for standalone and/or fully integrated applications. Explore Lutron's smart residential and commercial solutions for integrated control of both daylight and electrical light to save energy and create beautiful, sustainable and futureproof buildings.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
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