The Shortlist functions like a personal shopping list, to store CPD one may be interested in coming back to, for review, to book, or to remove.

Register for free on, to create and save a Shortlist of CPD materials, and make it quick and easy to come back at a later date to book. Without an account, Shortlists won’t be saved.

Signed in users can save CPD materials to their Shortlist by clicking on the Add to Shortlist links. They can Sign out, and Sign in at a later date or time, and will find the Shortlist saved and still in place.

Click the Add to Shortlist link to add CPD material to the Shortlist. Click on the Shortlist button below the primary header menu bar, to get to the Shortlist page.

If no longer interested in a CPD item on the Shortlist, click on the Remove from Shortlist link to delete it from the Shortlist. Click Remove all to clear the Shortlist of all content

If a user is not Signed in, any CPD material saved to the Shortlist will disappear when the user moves on from the website or session.

Shortlisted CPD materials can be booked in one hit by clicking on the Book Material link. Email confirmation is sent to the user while relevant companies automatically receive a booking request email, to get in touch with the user directly to arrange a convenient date and time for the CPD event.