What are the CPD obligations for RIBA Chartered Architects?

Chartered members are obliged to do the following each year:

  • Undertake a minimum of 35 hours of CPD to maintain competence. This equates to about 45 minutes per week.
  • Undertake 20 of the required 35 hours of CPD from the ten topics in the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum (two hours per topic per year). All CPD material from members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network is classified to reflect its RIBA CPD Core Curriculum area(s) it relates to.
  • Award at least 100 learning points, accumulating from points awarded to the individual CPD activities carried out. Assigning points represents assessment of what was gained from the CPD activity, and will be the result of the time spent reflecting.
  • Gain at least half of their CPD from structured learning activities, unless circumstances prevent it.
  • Record CPD activities online using the RIBA CPD recording manager.

The RIBA regularly monitors a random sample of Chartered Members’ records to determine compliance.

The value of CPD points

After undertaking any CPD activity, taking the time to think about and reflect on what has been learned helps to assess whether that activity will have an impact on one’s work and practice. Active reflection and assessment could also help in thinking about the next steps needing to be taken

To help encourage this analysis and reflection, RIBA asks its members to assign from one to four learning points to each of their CPD activities after they have been carried out. Taking the time to think about and assign points encourages taking a step back to actively reflect on and assess what has been learned. This in turn offers a better chance of embedding learning, thus maximising the investment in CPD.

In short, assigning points in this way encourages thinking about the impact and value of all of the activities chosen.

At least 100 learning points are expected to be amassed in a given year - between one and four points for each CPD activity, based on personal assessment of the activity.

  • One point – you learned little.
  • Two points – your knowledge has increased in a general way.
  • Three points – you have increased your knowledge of a subject in a more detailed way.
  • Four points – the activity significantly benefited you in terms of knowledge and skills and you are expert in the subject, having spent a considerable amount of structured time learning.

Any relevant activity can count as valid CPD and members are encouraged to get in the practice of assessing the personal and professional value for all learning activities.

For further information and advice, contact info@ribacpd.com

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