Embed Online CPD videos

Online CPD videos can be syndicated from ribacpd.com and embedded for viewing on other websites. This is recommended to maximise viewing and has the advantage of making Online CPD videos available to visitors of other websites, including the Provider’s own website. Potentially the videos can be integrated into CPD courses, or assist CPD education in other ways.

Embedded videos will always be the latest ribacpd.com version, as when an Online CPD video is updated on ribacpd.com, it updates on other websites where it has been embedded too.

To embed Online CPD videos on another website by syndication, follow the steps below. You may need the assistance of your IT, digital, or technical support team:

  • Find the Online CPD video you wish to syndicate and click to View. This takes you to the video viewing page.
  • Select the ‘Embed video’ button on the video viewing page. This reveals a string of HTML code in a box field
  • The HTML code will look something like this:
    <iframe src='http://embed.buto.tv/dBKM8' width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" title='Plastic sheet piling - The Pinocchio concept or real sheet piling?'>
  • Select and copy this code and paste it within the code for your own website.