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Fire safety

Fire stops, fire curtains, FR rated timber and fire safety considerations when specifying insulation for inverted flat roofs – all are covered here in our extensive look at fire safety. Still can’t find what you’re looking for? RIBA’s free-to-access library contains more than 1,400 assessed and approved CPD materials. Click on the search bar above.
Fire curtains have the advantage of being out of sight, enabling the architect to create beautiful open spaces. This seminar starts with the basics of fire curtains, before exploring their applications and the best fire safety design features available. Other topics covered include how to control and stop the spread of smoke, maintenance issues, and relevant standards and regulations.

Since 2005 Adexon Fire & Smoke Curtains (a Cubex group business) has been dedicated to the development and improvement of fire and smoke curtain design. For Adexon this translates into improving fire safety generally and saving lives specifically – a quest of even greater significance post Grenfell. More information about Adexon’s work in this area can be found on its website.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Online Learning, by Swedish Wood
The Hackitt Report identified many shortcomings in specifiers’ product knowledge and understanding of the technical issues surrounding fire safety and material specification. This course addresses those issues, including the phases of fire development and their importance, FR classifications and testing, FR performance in different buildings, flame retardants and verification schemes.

Swedish Wood’s Wood Campus is a free resource available to all construction industry professionals looking for CPD and other timber-related learning materials.

Duration: 20 minutes, plus Q&A
Discusses how fire regulations apply to inverted roofs and how this impacts on the specification of insulation materials. Also addresses how Approved Document B applies to inverted flat roofs, the impact of EC Decision 2000/553/EC on testing requirements, and the importance of selecting appropriate insulation materials.

Ravago Building Solutions is one of the largest producers of extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation in Europe, following its acquisition in 2018 of seven XPS production plants and technology from DowDuPont Inc. Its market leading thermal insulation boards can be used in a range of roofing and flooring applications.

Duration: 4 pages, plus Q&A
A practical guide to firestops. Includes guidance on: why firestops are needed in buildings; current and recent changes in legislation since Grenfell; key takeaways from the Building Safe Act 2022 and its implementation timeline; firestop testing and the principles of BS EN standards; best practice tips on designing firestops; and, structural movement considerations, with firestops in mind.

With its ‘Making construction better’ mantra, Hilti is committed to developing products and solutions that drive productivity, sustainability and safety in the construction industry.

Duration: 60-90 minutes, plus Q&A
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