What is the RIBA CPD Providers Network?

The RIBA CPD Providers Network consists of over 500 manufacturers and suppliers, training companies and advisory organisations, who provide RIBA-approved CPD mostly free of charge, to architects and other specifiers.

This CPD material is available in a wide choice of material types and formats including seminars, conferences, articles, websites, factory tours, courses, books, product literature, videos and blogs.

RIBA-approved CPD material from members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network has been rigorously assessed by the RIBA and is worth double CPD points to RIBA Chartered Architects. It covers a wide range of interesting and varied topics, from all areas of the RIBA Core Curriculum and is fully indexed on ribacpd.com.

The prestigious RIBA CPD Providers Network logo may only be used by Network members who have RIBA-approved CPD material.

RIBA-approved CPD such as seminars and factory tours can be booked by contacting the Network Providers directly, or by using the ‘Book...’ facility on ribacpd.com. RIBA approved CPD content is also hosted on ribacpd.com in the form of Online CPD videos and CPD Articles.