External management: clients, users and delivery of services

Possible topics include:
  • The relevant UK (or overseas if you work elsewhere) legal systems and processes, civil liabilities and the laws of contract and tort (delict)
  • Planning, Listed Buildingsand Conservation Areas Acts, guidance and processes (see also section 9)
  • Building regulations, EU regulations, ISOs, approved documents and standards, guidance and processes, such as DDA, Health and Safety, fire safety, environmental
  • Land law, property law, The Party Wall Act, and rights of other proprieters
  • Terms within construction contracts implied by statute
  • Statutory undertakers and authorities, their requirements and processes
  • Employment-related legislation and policies
  • Environmental and sustainability legislation (see also section 2)
  • Accessibility, inclusion, and diversity legislation (see also section 10)
  • Advisory design review systems
  • Health and safety/CDM legislation and regulations (see also section 1)
RIBA Core Curriculum