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Kromers Ltd


Kromers are a Consultancy Practise specialising in Audio-Visual & Multimedia, Broadcast, IT & Networks and Smart Buildings & Workspaces. We work alongside end clients and construction, representing their business requirements through technical and commercial specifications and designs.

As a fiercely independent consultancy we put people first and technology second, only recommending technology where it adds value to the organisation and its people.

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Mastering "Smart" in the Built Environment
This CPD equips you with the expertise to define smart buildings, design, budget, and manage projects effectively, providing insights on addressing common challenges, and highlighting the significance of 'Smart' in achieving 2050 Net Zero goals. Enabling freer architect design, more accurate budgeting, and enhanced project delivery.

By the end of this CPD delegate should:

1. Know how to Design, Cost or Project Manage a Successful Smart Building or Workspace Project.
2. Be able to avoid the traditional pitfalls associated with Smart Buildings and Workplaces.
3. Understand the 5 key drivers behind delivering a successful Smart project.
4. Be able to define what is a smart building and what it means to the individual and organisation.
5. Be able to define how Smart helps the built environment with their environmental targets.

RIBA Core Curriculum:
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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