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About Us

For 25 years, we have set the standard on premium, high-performance materials by uniting craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and sustainably focused innovation to create intelligent fabrics designed to do more. We embrace the idea that balance is beauty, which is why Ultrafabrics is truly a different product. Our materials offer incomparable comfort, superior performance, and feel unlike anything you’ve touched before.

Artisan Quality

We incorporate the boldest innovations into all our materials. We’re advancing what’s possible and want to set the standards on functionality.

Takumi Technology

Taking its meaning from the Japanese word ‘artisan’, our proprietary Takumi process engineers mastered performance directly into each layer. The result is one unified system designed for lasting strength and comfort.

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CPD Material (6)

Online Learning
Designing for the Senses
This course explores how to utilize the power of the senses to design an experience, not just a space.
Participants will learn how to appeal to each of the senses to create deeper connections between their designs and the people who enjoy them.

By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The power of each sense and why each one is unique and important
- How to create multi-sensory designs & experiences that communicate a desired feeling
- How to think outside the box & get inspired from existing sensory designs
RIBA Core Curriculum:
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Multiple CPD formats
Polyurethane Fabric - High Performance Solutions For Contract Applications
High performance coated fabrics are an increasingly important category for contract interiors and polyurethane fabric is one category of coated fabric available for this market. This CPD will provide you with the knowledge base to successfully specify polyurethane fabrics for commercial interiors. It covers the history of polyurethane; how it’s manufactured and the breadth of surface design options available. It then discusses how to appropriately specify this unique material – including what performance characteristics to look for, how to clean these products and how polyurethane fabric can make a contribution to sustainable interiors. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The manufacturing and performance of modern man-made polyurethane fabrics
- The appropriate applications and uses of polyurethane fabrics across contract markets
- The requirements needed when specifying polyunsaturate fabrics in architecture and design
- The pros and cons of using different upholstery products in design and how these will affect a project's appearance and the continued lifespan of the design

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
Multiple CPD formats
Sense and Sustainability: Deciphering Sustainable Language, Standards, and Goals for Contract Materials
Sourcing sustainable fabrics might appear to be an easy job, but as sustainability categories and certifications evolve, the process becomes more complicated every day. This CPD will seek to educate specifiers on how to specify with confidence by demystifying the codes, outlining the proper application for architectural standards, explaining the terminology, and separating the reality from the myths. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- The polyurethane fabric journey to sustainability
- The language of fabric sustainability for product and building standards
- The myths as they relate to specifying sustainable fabrics
- The future of sustainable fabrics based on realistic goals
- The different sustainability standards and tools available, and how to use them when specifying
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
The Power of Colour: Using Colour to Evoke Feelings and Create Moods
This session looks at how colour creates emotional and physical responses and how to use colour in design, evoking emotions and creating moods in interior and exterior spaces. Attendees may use this understanding, along with their current knowledge of design principles, to be able to create any of the five moods presented. This CPD will help you to understand the following topics:
- Colour psychology
- Colour symbolism
- Colour meaning
- Colour association
- How to create moods
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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