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Michael Irvine
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Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Solus Ceramics Ltd are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Solus Ceramics Ltd

Solus Ceramics Ltd


Solus Ceramics is an established porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal, anti slip, eco and natural stone tile supplier, offering a huge range of over 60,000 products, directly sourced from manufacturing partners across Europe. Tapping into strong manufacturer relationships and the company’s wealth of experience, Solus Ceramics consistently remain at the forefront of the latest developments and trends within the tiling industry. Working with architects, interior designers and other professional specifiers, Solus Ceramics deliver technical and aesthetic solutions into a wide variety of tiling projects. This is exemplified in the diversity of Solus Ceramics’ key clients including many of the best-known automobile brands. In addition Solus Ceramics has built strong relationships within the retail, restaurant and hotel sector- consistently providing exemplary materials, inspirational designs and showcasing the highest quality anti slip, eco friendly and bespoke cut tiles. With a national sal...
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CPD Material (4)

Multiple CPD formats
Moving Earth : Sustainability and Ceramics
Sustainability is a central driver in design. As suppliers, it is our responsibility to help you make informed decisions.

Our Sustainability Manager has created this CPD to give a detailed assessment of the climate crisis and the role that ceramics play in creating sustainable buildings.

Successful participants will be better able to understand the products they are specifying, their carbon profile, and the impact they have.
RIBA Core Curriculum:
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
An Overview of Tile Specification
An overview of issues to consider when specifying ceramic tiles. The seminar covers:
- The different types of tiles available
- Slip resistance values and methods of testing
- Risk assessments and potential hazards
- Tile design layout considerations and light reflectance values
- The Equality Act
- Cleaning and maintenance
- Installation, movement joints and fixing specification
- Security in project specification
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar
Don't Slip Up
Good slip resistance is essential to prevent injuries caused by slips, trips and falls. This presentation looks at the common methods of measuring slip resistance for ceramic tiles. The seminar covers:
- Slip resistance values
- The ramp test and interpretation of results
- The pendulum test and interpretation of results
- The surface roughness test and interpretation of results
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Seminar


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