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RPG Fire’s comprehensive suite of glazed fire systems are tested to the most rigorous of fire performance criteria and standards. RPG Fire offer an extensive product range of fire doors and framed & frameless glazed screens comprising integrity only and integrity-insulation options, fully certified and ranging from E30 up to Ei120. With both hardwood and metal framing options to choose from, as well as a range of finishes including polyester powder-coating and brushed stainless steel, RPG Fire’s solutions combine best-in-class levels of fire protection with stunning visual aesthetics. RPG Fire is part of Radii Planet Group.

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Guidance for Specifying Fire Glass Screens and Fire Door Systems
This CPD identifies the key issues in understanding how to specify glass screens and doors where fire resistance is necessary for (Non Residential) Approved Document B compliance. It discusses Equality Act compliance relative to Fire Door and fire resistant performance. It examines fire resistant glass options and how to secure a Certified system of performance, and what responsibility is undertaken from the perspective of the specialist supply and fix Contractor. Content explores the relationship between "design intent" and technical compliance, and finally, the integration of screens with atria, partitioning, and Architectural bespoke glazing. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- The relationship between ordinary float glass, and specific fire-resistant glass
- The complications that can arise when specifying screens and adjacent fire rated doors
- The reasons why some products are integrity only, and others are integrity and insulation
- What to expect from the specialist Contractor
- What options are available when designing a fire strategy into your building
- Where Certification, Assessments, and Tests all fit into the "qualification"
- How to prescribe the performance requirements ensuring all those tendering are not "cutting corners"
- The conflicts that can arise when circulation areas need to cater for Part M as well as meet fire resistance
- How to specify with confidence and maintain your Architecture whilst also complying with Building Legislation

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