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Promat UK


For more than 60 years, Promat has been designing, testing and manufacturing specialist fire

protection systems. This means that our customers benefit from a complete portfolio from which to build a certified fire safety solution that is right for their project.

Promat UK is an acknowledged leader in passive fire protection and high performance insulation. It has a complete portfolio of boards, sprays, sealants and fire stopping products to protect structural steel, concrete structures, partitions, wall linings, floors, ceilings and roofs. Promat also offers an extensive range of intumescent materials, vacuum insulated panels, textiles, high performance insulation and fire-resistant glazing systems. Their products provide from 30 minutes to up to 4 hours passive fire protection and are fully tested and certified by third parties meeting and exceeding UK and EU regulations and standards. Promat is part of the Etex Group, a global manufacturer of high quality bu...

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CPD Material (4)

The Burning Question
This CPD is concerned with fire-resistant glass and glazing and the specification of different fire-resistant systems. It will help you to understand the following topics
- Where to use fire-resistant glass and appropriate and inappropriate applications in different environments such as offices and retail spaces
- The different types and classifications of fire glass
- The different types of framing system available, metal and steel and timber frames and frameless systems
- The relevant regulations, British Standards and testing and certification processes
Material type: Seminar
Multiple CPD formats
Protection from Fire and Blast
This seminar describes the effects of fire and blast on structures with descriptive information on blast patterns and fire protection being explained.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
Understanding Passive Fire Protection
This seminar offers a better understanding of passive fire protection and the solutions that Promat can provide, fire statistics, UK and European legislation and various fire protection issues are covered.
Material type: Seminar


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