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OWS Fire Rated Ltd


Pyrostyle fire rated products meet E30, E60, and EI60 specifications and are fully comply with the latest Building and Safety Regulations while maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

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Transparency in The Specification of Glass Fire Doors
The safety of people and property is an absolute priority when designing buildings. This seminar is aimed at helping you design with fire safety in mind. It will give you a comprehensive understanding of fire safety and the chance to ask questions and get expert advice. The discussion will also focus on fire rated systems’ performance, application and design considerations, such as doors, fire screens and glazed partitions. Topics covered include Relevant Regulations and Standards, Building a Safer Future, Compliance, Fire Testing (British and European Standards), The Role of Fire Doors, Design Consideration, Fire Ratings for Doors and Glazed Panels, Glass Types, Video of Fire Test and Impact Tests, Installation, Maintenance and Ongoing Inspection.
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General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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