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Lightwave RF Technology Ltd


  • Lightwave provides smart home solutions to control and monitor lighting, heating, power and security through a wide variety of devices
  • Hardware and software is designed, engineered, serviced and supported in the UK
  • The Lightwave system is completely modular and scalable, from one device to an entire home using a simple retrofit solution
  • Lightwave products monitor energy use at the device level, producing bespoke insights into how to lower both energy costs and environmental impact
  • Our products integrate with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings including other premium home automation brands such as Control4, ELAN, Savant and RTI
  • Lightwave products have a high-end look and feel, with choice of quality finishes
  • Industry leading wireless range, reliability, performance and security; our Show more

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Saving Energy with Smart Home Technology and Other Benefits
Home automation systems are quickly becoming a vital (and increasingly accessible) tool in the race to reach net zero, helping to drastically reduce wasted energy within domestic and commercial spaces. This webinar explores the energy saving capabilities that advanced smart home systems present, including energy monitoring from the device-level and programmable automations. This means energy data from each individual lighting circuit, appliance or heating device can be used to understand consumption behaviour and automate efficient ways to reduce wasted energy.
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General Awareness
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Material type: Seminar


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