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Asturiana de Laminados, SA is a leading producer ofrolled zinc for architectural metal cladding, manufactured under theelZinc®brand.Involved in providing project-specific design advice all over the world, elZinc in the UK has participated in a growing number of architecturally awarded zinc clad buildings over the last 10 years.Drawing upon the experience of their Project Managers, they aim to respect the design intent as much as possible, often by developing together with the design team bespoke through-wall solutions and detailing.The attractive, naturally weathering pre-patinated finishes come with a lifetime warranty, are A1 Reaction to Fire and are energy-efficiently produced by the most modern plant in the world.
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Use of Zinc in the Building Envelope
This CPD provides an understanding of the use of Zinc as an architectural material to fully appreciate its flexibility and design possibilities for traditional and contemporary architecture, from its use as roofing and rainwater systems through to modern rainscreen façade systems, also covering its sustainability profile and inherent fire safety characteristics.
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General Awareness
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