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Dasso Group


Dasso group, a global leader in innovative bamboo products for over three decades.

In 2008, Dasso, being a pioneer in the bamboo industry, introducing fused bamboo products, DassoXTR, a groundbreaking product and a great alternative to tropical timber and WPC in an outdoor condition.

Dasso has been consistently advancing in the innovation of bamboo utilization. Continuously experimenting with new production processes, in 2017, Dasso introduced the new fused bamboo series, known as Dasso CTECH. This fused bamboo product is a natural-colored, structurally stable, and excellent outdoor-performing alternative to hardwood.

Both DassoXTR and DassoCTECH are engineered to withstand the harshest outdoor conditions and are suitable for various applications, including bamboo decking, cladding, soffits, lumber, etc. These products not only rival the natural beauty of exotic hardwood but also offer consistent color, predictable sourcing, and high-quality standards.


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CPD Material (2)

Multiple CPD formats
Fused Bamboo for Exterior Application
This CPD material focuses on fused bamboo products, including decking, cladding, fencing, panels, and other outdoor applications.

The CPD is divided into three main sections:
1. Why Choose Bamboo?
2. The Production Process of Fused Bamboo.
3. The Advantages and Common Issues of Fused Bamboo Products, along with some project showcases.

This CPD aims to cover:
1. The growth pattern of MOSO bamboo.
2. The manufacturing process of fused bamboo.
3. The features of fused bamboo (including common sizes, issues and maintenance methods).
4. Fused bamboo projects showcase

By the end of this CPD delegates should have:
1. An understanding of why bamboo is a sustainable choice.
2. An understanding of the general production process and principles of fused bamboo.
3. An understanding of the products performance of fused bamboo.
4. Some inspiration for applying bamboo in future projects.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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