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For over three decades, we have led by converting new science into market-changing products, one breakthrough after another. We are internationally recognized as the LED lighting pioneering company that revolutionized the lighting market.

Today the brand still stands for innovation, performance, and quality engineering. Being present in Italy since 1988 we’ve always had a singular mission, to create lighting in the best way possible.

We transform innovation into unique solutions regarding optics, colour quality, controls and product quality while ensuring the highest levels of performance and reliability. Our teams of talented visionaries are not just dedicated to creating lasting solutions, but in redefining what’s possible.

Light enhances and bestows value to our experiences, we use it to render things better, safer, and more productive, improving all activities of daily life. After all, the diffe...

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Smart Outdoor Lighting Choices that are Sustainable and Illuminating
We all know why we need to be sustainable but as ‘sustainability’ is a term in common usage these days, it is useful to reflect on what it actually means.

We’re going to refresh our knowledge of the UN’s Sustainability Goals, the circular economy and what this means in practice to us all.

After this, we will deep dive into 6 areas that you should be considering when specifying lighting products to ensure that you meet all regulatory obligations as well as ensuring that your designs and your product choices are sustainable.

Later on, we will briefly share details about how Cree Lighting is converting new science into market-changing products and outline how we are meeting the 6 areas of corporate sustainability.
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General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar
LEDs are efficient at lighting our roads yet people complain of discomfort. As LED technology improves, can we keep all the benefits that come from using LEDs and increase visual comfort?

This CPD article supports the need for a new glare model for assessing discomfort glare
caused by LED luminaires and to improve the understanding, calculation, and criteria for the evaluation of discomfort glare.

A shift can be accelerated if we review and update the calculations that are used to determine street lighting standards, such as the volume of acceptable glare. Originally developed back in the 1970s, before LEDs were commonplace, the current calculations do not justify the specification of the best quality lighting option - and we’d argue, they do not ensure the safest or healthiest option either.

We are calling for a change to the method of calculation to consider the opportunities of using the very latest LED and optical technology. This will ensure more human and nature-centric street lighting is specified across the world.
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Material type: Article


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