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Full details of RIBA approved CPD materials offered by Aeromix Flowing Insulation are available to auto-generate as PDF and include company contact information: Overview for Aeromix Flowing Insulation

Aeromix Flowing Insulation


Aeromix is market leading innovative pumped floor insulation system that can be used in residential or commercial builds. It has an insulation value of 0.037 W/mK u,i. and is certified by

European Assessment ETA 21/0579 of 19/10/2021

Composite insulation layer that consists of a mixture of 3 different components. It is known in the industry as the best insulating EPS flooring on the market.

"We create high quality materials for innovative sustainable insulation solutions that ignite current & future generations to thrive.“

Aeromix has a proven formula with 5 years proven success in Europe now with Pump-able EPS reaching more the 60% of Europes flooring Insulation .

Aeromix is made up of three components

-AeroBead (EPS based)



Vertical integration

All our products originate from a waste raw mater...

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CPD Material (2)

Multiple CPD formats
Insulation For Solid Floors - Materials, Installation and Innovations
The CPD aims to give an overview of the materials currently available for flooring, primarily looking at under screed situations. It looks briefly at how heat transfer works and it considers the parameters involved in choosing and using a particular material and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Finaly it looks at current changes in the marketplace and innovative options available.

By the end of this CPD delegates ought to:

1. Have an understanding of how insulation works.
2. Have an overview of materials suitable for flooring applications.
3. Understand the relative performance of commonly used materials (thermal and other).
4. Know installation methods and site requirements.
5. Be able to look at new options.
Knowledge level:
General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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