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Dryvit – a brand of CPG UK Ltd


Dryvit has been part of the external wall insulation (EWI) and finish systems industry since 1969, and is part of RPM International Inc. RPM is a multibillion dollar holding company, and a world leader in speciality coatings, serving both industry and consumers. Dryvit has grown to become the market leader of insulated render technology in North America, and with a proven track record in the UK, since 1989, we have built a solid reputation based on innovation, advanced design capabilities and superior service. Dryvit UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dryvit Systems, Inc,with ISO 9001:2008. Dryvit supplies external wall insulation systems (EWI) and anti-crack render. These systems have been used in over 350,000 commercial and residential buildings around the world. The insulating qualities of Dryvit external wall installation systems make them an excellent source of energy-efficiency, eliminating cold bridging by insulating the outer layer of a building. Dryvit systems assist consider...
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External Wall Insulation Systems
This CPD aims to discuss External Wall Insulation (EWI). It covers what external wall insulation is, the benefits, the key performance considerations when specifying EWI, and the architectural freedom and design benefits that these systems can offer. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- Key performance considerations when specifying EWI
- The design benefits of using EWI systems
- Application information and technical details for the EWI systems
- How to access expert technical support for calculating Wind Loadings, U-Values, Thermal Benefits and Condensation risks
- System and product warranties
- Durability and Maintenance

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General Awareness
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