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Published on 03 February 2016 00:01

Aluminium Rainwater, Fascia and Soffit Systems (Durable Eaves Solutions)

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Key Learning outcomes
  • Develop knowledge about the credentials of aluminium
  • What to consider when designing eaves systems
  • Familiarise specifiers with the application of aluminium composite fascia and soffit
  • Learn about the standards and accreditations for aluminium rainwater systems
  • Understand the life cost of various materials for eaves systems

This article specifically addresses the unique benefits of aluminium eaves solutions.

Aluminium eaves systems offer distinct advantages over more traditional materials, such as ease of installation, superb sustainability credentials and vastly improved life expectancy of 50 years that is virtually maintenance free, making it the ideal material for specification and use in modern construction.
This article explains which specific types of aluminium are most suited for rainwater systems and is supported by information on correct system specification and design, it will also provide updated information on new and forthcoming British Standards, eaves ventilation requirements and life cost analyses.

1.0 Credentials of aluminium

Aluminium, a sustainable building material:
For a material to be considered sustainable, it must be recyclable, have a long life expectancy and a low impact on the environment. Aluminium has all these qualities and more.
Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the world, after oxygen and silicone. Eight per cent of the earth’s crust is Bauxite which is the source of aluminium. Bauxite lies close to the surface and is extracted using open cast mining. 97% of all bauxite mines in the world operate rehabilitation projects, returning the land to its original condition after mining is finished.
Hydro-electric or geo-thermal green energy accounts for 60% of global primary aluminium production, minimising aluminium’s environmental impact.

Infinitely recyclable:
Aluminium can be recycled again and again without loss of quality, in fact 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use today. The recycling of aluminium requires little energy. It saves up to 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production.

Durability and life expectancy:
Aluminium is highly corrosion resistant as naturally generates a protective oxide coating. Should the painted surface be damaged, the aluminium simply oxidises to protect itself. Furthermore, if marine grade aluminium is used in combination with architectural grade polyester powder coating it provides an attractive, durable and maintenance free finish for up to 50 years life expectancy. This is in contrast to steel, where galvanising only offers limited protection and cast iron, which requires regular repainting.
Marine grade aluminium rainwater, fascia and soffit system with BS 6496 architectural grade polyester powder coat in grey colour
Marine grade aluminium rainwater, fascia and soffit system with BS 6496 architectural grade polyester powder coat in grey colour
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