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The CPD materials featured below are the most recent to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised CPD materials.
Online Learning, by AluK (GB) Ltd
New & Available Online
An exploration of revised Approved Document L, updated in 2021 and for implementation from June 2022, and the implications for the aluminium window and door industry.

The seminar covers the subject by looking at the new document and the sections that apply to windows, doors, and curtain wall, followed by looking at the specific performance criteria contained in the document, and looking at the way in which the industry is rising to the challenges posed. The enhancements made to a specific product type will be discussed in a case study.
Online Learning, by Arjo UK Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD will discuss Changing Places toilets for disabled people and the associated specification, design, planning and installation requirements. Topics covered include the current situation for toilets for the disabled, what and who are Changing Places, understanding the Purple Pound, and requirements, guidelines, planning and design. By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:
- The benefits for disabled people when using a Changing Places toilet
- The benefits to businesses of Changing Places toilets
- Requirements and installation options
Online Learning, by Lödige Industries
New & Available Online
Car lifts are complex, they can allow for increased parking space and it is important to specify them correctly. This course covers health and safety, regulatory compliance, use of energy, fire safety, product application and more. With this information you will be able to confidently design the most efficient car lift possible, either for a new or existing building.
Online Learning, by Garland UK
New & Available Online
The Cutting Carbon through Sustainable Roofing Design CPD explores carbon emissions during the entire lifecycle of your building project, from construction through to operational use, and provides clear guidance on how sustainable roofing design can play a pivotal role in reducing emissions and support your key environmental initiatives.
Online Learning, by Altro
New & Available Online
Around 35% of the UK population is thought to be neurodiverse, meaning that their brain functions, learns and processes information differently. This CPD will provide an outline of what neurodiversity is, and demonstrate the importance of designing spaces to be inclusive with consideration for the needs of people who are neurodiverse. It will also provide details of the relevant legislation, standards and guidance to consider when designing inclusive spaces.
Online Learning, by Schueco UK Ltd
New & Available Online
An overview of the requirements of Approved Document B and the guidance given in order to comply with the regulations in respect of fire safety. A summary of the performance characteristics and classifications of fire safety elements given in EN 13501 and a look at compartmentation as a route to fire safety in buildings.
New & Available Online
The purpose of this video is to educate you further & build upon your existing knowledge on the topic of fire protection products, so you will be confident in applying this up-to-date information into your daily work in specifying fire protection products. We will cover: what solutions you can use to manage fire & smoke risk. What solutions you can use to protect buildings from significant fire & smoke damage and save lives. Talk about up to date regulations and legislation around fire protection. How various products can help you to meet your legal requirements. The technical differences between products, as well as bespoke specifications & aesthetics. Discuss accessibility, sustainability and energy performance and finally advise you on inappropriate applications & long term maintenance.
Online Learning, by Baumit Ltd
New & Available Online
This seminar looks at how the way we build today affects comfort and wellbeing and how the appropriate choice of insulation systems can have a positive effect on a buildings performance and interior comfort.
Seminar, by Troax (UK) Ltd
A clear overview of modular steel partitioning, explaining the types of product available and the applications and environments in which they are required to be specified. It will describe the benefits of steel partitioning over some other options and inform of some of the standards and classes of cleanrooms, together with all other environments and applications applicable, further illustrated by some interesting case studies.
Seminar, by Arjo UK Ltd
This CPD is designed to educate and inform attendees about the risks associated with poor infection control routines and the benefits of how a well organised and efficiently run sluice room can reduce the spread of infections and safeguard vulnerable residents from infections.
Online Learning, by Schueco UK Ltd
New & Available Online
Introduction to specifying residential windows and doors. Providing an insight to the building regulations applicable to this sector, covering application of those standards to ensure your product specification meets the requirements of building homes for the future.
Online Learning, by Marley Ltd
This seminar provides an overview of solar panels and the benefits of specification for roofing projects. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- The difference between solar panel systems for roofing applications
- The features, benefits and performance of solar panel systems
- The sustainability benefits of solar panels
- Specification of solar panels and the ease of adding to projects
- Fundamentals of detailing, installation and workmanship

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
The seminar aims to provide specifiers with an understanding of colour including:
- The science of colour and how we see it
- Colour psychology and how colour can affect built environments
- Communicating colour introducing colour referencing systems
- Colour in practice
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