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The CPD materials featured below are the most recent to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised CPD materials.
The presentation will allow Architects strengthen their understanding of the properties of aluminium in facades.
The seminar will provide information on:
- The advantages of specifying aluminium facade products
- Low Carbon aluminium products that are available
- BREAAM and Window Energy Ratings
- Thermal Performance and Passive House
- Realise the infinite ‘Cradle to Cradle’ life cycle ability of aluminium as a sustainable building material, including Closed Loop Recycling Schemes
Seminar, by EFFISUS
New & Available Online
The aim of this presentation is to inspire and educate building professionals on the importance of facade design in promoting building performance, sustainability, and efficiency. An overview of traditional sealing solutions and their limitations, as well as an introduction to new and innovative technologies in facade design, also to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools to seal better facades that meet the demands of the 21st century and promote a more sustainable future for the built environment.
New & Available Online
The aim of this CPD is to give everybody a broader understanding of clay bricks as a construction material and highlight the wide variety of brick types & finishes available to you. We will also be reviewing topics most frequently queried by architects, contractors and end-users, such as:

Brick Production
The Various Brick Production Types
Durability (Frost Resistance)
Efflorescence & Soluble Salts
Tolerance & Range
Fire Cracking
Movement Joints & Wall Ties
Brick Bonds & Brick Specials
Effect of mortar colour choice
Good Site Practice
Design & Innovation with Bricks
As an independent waterproofing company we will show you how to protect your client, protect your company, comply with standards and insurers and deliver an outstanding project.
New & Available Online
A presentation on Cognitive Ergonomics which delves into how people process information when making decisions, and explores how office design can impact employee cognition.

Discover the impact of new ways of flexible working practices and learn how a human-centered approach to office space design can benefit a diverse workforce.
Seminar, by House of Rohl
This CPD seminar covers the history of the hotel market, where it's going and how to design a small bathroom that fulfills high expectations and delivers on high quality.

The seminar will encourage attendees to think outside of the box creatively, as well as informing them on key regulations and human factors that affect every bathroom.

Attendees will leave with functional and design-led ideas for a minimal space, as well as their own bathroom floorplan that they will have designed themselves.
Seminar, by OAG Limited
New & Available Online
This seminar covers the design and specification of fire resistant glazed barriers and will look at the following topics; Understanding the different fire ratings and glass types used for fire resistant glazing. An overview of the relevant British Standards and European Standards associated with testing fire rated glazed screens and doors. An overview of the actual testing process for passive fire protection in accordance with BS EN 1634:1-2014.The method of assessment reports and their place in the construction of buildings. Areas to consider when specifying fire resistant glazed doors and screens.
Seminar, by Polyrey UK
Decorative panels and engineered surfaces come in a bewilderingly large range of types, sizes, designs and textures – often with an equally baffling range of acronyms (MDF, MFC, MFM, PVC, WPB, WPC and HPL). This seminar cuts through that by explaining what each one is, what it does, and where it should be used. Presented as a fun short story, this seminar answers the question ‘what should I specify’ in a very practical way, approaching the issue from the designer, contractor and client’s point of view. Along the way it also includes plenty of opportunity for the audience to
Seminar, by Protan (UK) Ltd
New & Available Online
In this presentation we will first give a short overview of the different types of single ply membranes, their main methods of attachment and where they can be used. We will look at how flexible membranes are used to provide a robust waterproof covering for flat roofs and discuss the performance requirements that need to be considered when specifying a single ply flat roofing system. We will then move onto the main topic “the external fire performance of single ply roofing systems”.

This will be done by first explaining the fire testing that single ply roofing system manufacturers must undertake and then looking at how fire testing results relate to Approved Document B of the building regulations covering fire safety. We will continue to explore that document to understand how the ban on the use of combustible materials within some construction applications may affect the use of single ply membranes in certain situations where they form part of an external wall or are used as part of a specified attachment to a relevant building.
Seminar, by Havwoods Ltd
This seminar will explore circularity in architecture and the flooring industry. Based on interviews with architects, interior designers, developers and other professionals, the CPD offers thoughts and ideas on what might need to change for the construction industry to become more circular. The CPD will look at some steps on the way; projects and initiatives that are happening today, and that are based on circular thinking. Furthermore, it will also offer some wood flooring specification essentials.
Online Learning, by VELUX Company Ltd
New & Available Online
An examination on the use of appropriate products in conservation and historic properties that make up a large percentage of UK housing stock. With focus on usage of conservation roof windows and materials that conserve and respect character and uniqueness.

It covers guidelines for usage by local authorities and recommendations from historic England. Examining the particular properties and benefits of typical industry products.
This CPD will discuss Lightweight Roofing Solutions for the UK marketplace and the associated specification, design, planning and installation requirements.

Topics covered include typical roofing problems and how to solve them, understanding sustainable solutions, and requirements, guidelines, planning and design.

By the end of the seminar you should have a greater understanding of:
- Ensuring compliance with British Standards and Regulations
- The benefits to lightweight roofing materials
- Sustainable roofing solutions
Seminar, by Jewers Doors Ltd
This presentation is an insight into the key features and benefits of the use of manually operated folding doors on
industrial and commercial applications.

Through this presentation, you will learn how best to utilise this door system as well as how sustainable it is. We will go through any long term maintenance issues and see examples of how how this door system can be used.
Seminar, by Lundhs AS
Natural stone is one of the most abundant and naturally low carbon materials on Earth. This seminar covers the ways in which natural stone can address and provide solutions to issues of sustainability in the built environment. Participants will learn about historical usage, the latest applications, solutions and design and the future of natural stone as a sustainable material.
Online Learning, by Gartec Platform Lifts
New & Available Online
This CPD allows the user to learn more about using a platform lift within the home to increase independence, promote health and wellbeing, and to future-proof a property.

It focuses on reasons why home lifts are becoming more popular, the types of lifts available including modern alternatives to traditional home lifts, applications and regulations.

By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The various forms of platform lifts suitable for private residences, their advantages, regulations and the types of applications they are used in
- Why home lifts are becoming more popular
- What is a platform lift and what types of home lift are there?
- The advantages of having a home lift
- Home Lift regulations
- Applications of a home lift
Seminar, by RenKap Ltd
New & Available Online
This presentation will help guide architects on how to successfully manage site surveys for their clients. By site surveys
we mean surveys such as asbsetos survey, utility survey, topo survey, ecology survey and so on. The presentation will
• Why site surveys are important
• The key site surveys required on most projects
• When site surveys are required
• Who typically manages the site survey
• Abortive costs and the risks of not completing site surveys well
• A step by step guide on how to manage site surveys
• How to find competent suppliers
• And much more
You will leave this session with a deeper appreciation of the site surveys and a implementable guide on how to manage
them for your clients whilst protecting your practice from unforeseen liabilities.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- why site surveys are important
- the key site surveys that are required on most projects
- how to reduce abortive costs for your clients
- the step by step guide on how to manage site surveys on your projects
- how to find competent suppliers
New & Available Online
We all know why we need to be sustainable but as ‘sustainability’ is a term in common usage these days, it is useful to reflect on what it actually means.

We’re going to refresh our knowledge of the UN’s Sustainability Goals, the circular economy and what this means in practice to us all.

After this, we will deep dive into 6 areas that you should be considering when specifying lighting products to ensure that you meet all regulatory obligations as well as ensuring that your designs and your product choices are sustainable.

Later on, we will briefly share details about how Cree Lighting is converting new science into market-changing products and outline how we are meeting the 6 areas of corporate sustainability.
New & Available Online
This CPD seminar aims to enable listeners to make informed choices when specifying screeding, levelling & sub floor preparation by considering the impact of the type, strength, soundness, flatness and moisture content of the sub-floor and how by achieving a perfect specification beneath, aspirations regarding the look of the final floor covering can be met.

It will also demonstrate how to avoid common installation failures through optimum product specification and guidance on best practice.

Having listened to this CPD, the audience should feel confident about selecting and specifying the appropriate preparation products in most situations.
Seminar, by Brett Landscaping
New & Available Online
This CPD will provide the designer with an overview of the main drivers within the specification process for when Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SUDS) are required as well as an understanding of the value of permeable paving within these schemes. SUDS will become increasingly frequent in the coming years following changes in planning guidance and future legislation. During the course of the seminar we will consider the following points:
- Sustainability criteria of pavement design
- Sustainable drainage
- Permeable paving design
- Permeable paving maintenance

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Online Learning, by BTS Fabrications Limited
New & Available Online
This CPD seminar will draw attention to the principals of sustainability in construction, looking at B-Corp and ESG within the industry, considering their importance alongside the use of aluminium within the industry.

Nowadays with different environmental factors it is necessary to consider specifying the correct Rainscreen at the detail design stage. This presentation will appeal to anyone interested in environmentally focused specification of Rainscreen Cladding Systems.
Seminar, by Benx Ltd
This CPD has been created to provide information on external wall insulation, how the different types interact with a range of different facades and the legislative documents that apply when installing external thermal insulated composite systems. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)
- The different types of insulation available and how these interact with your facade
- The different facade types and individual product performance
- Relevant legislation and statutory information including fire performance
- Health and safety issues
- Sustainability issues
Seminar, by OWS Fire Rated Ltd
New & Available Online
The safety of people and property is an absolute priority when designing buildings. This seminar is aimed at helping you design with fire safety in mind. It will give you a comprehensive understanding of fire safety and the chance to ask questions and get expert advice. The discussion will also focus on fire rated systems’ performance, application and design considerations, such as doors, fire screens and glazed partitions. Topics covered include Relevant Regulations and Standards, Building a Safer Future, Compliance, Fire Testing (British and European Standards), The Role of Fire Doors, Design Consideration, Fire Ratings for Doors and Glazed Panels, Glass Types, Video of Fire Test and Impact Tests, Installation, Maintenance and Ongoing Inspection.
Seminar, by Zip Water
This CPD is a brief overview of the important building accreditations and regulations that need to be understood when specifying water solutions. The CPD provides information on how such accreditations can be achieved and regulations met, while also explaining the purpose they serve and the meaning that each accreditation or regulation conveys.
New & Available Online
This CPD seminar aims to give an overview of the different applications of natural slate and phyllite in the industry as well as to highlight the key issues arising in the quality and performance of the natural slate market.

The seminar covers the latest British Standard requirements, the heritage slate market and the variety of applications achievable with natural slate and phyllite. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Confidently specify all natural slate products in a variety of specifications
- Identify issues that might arise from inferior quality products
- Select a reliable supplier by using the Minimum Checklist tool provided
- Understand the difference between the British and the French standard and their respective testing criteria.
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