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The following CPD material has been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
Coopers Fire Ltd - Active Fire Curtain Barriers
Active Fire Curtain Barriers
Seminar, by Coopers Fire Ltd
From compartmentalisation to protecting a means of escape, this educational seminar illustrates when and where fire curtain barriers can be specified within the build environment. A review of fire barrier operation, installation and continuous servicing requirements also provides specifiers with the opportunity to ask pressing and topical questions.

Coopers Fire is a British company that manufactures fire and smoke curtains and is dedicated to advancing fire and smoke barrier curtain technology. Due to the high performance and reliability of Coopers Fire products, they have been specified and installed in some of the world’s landmark buildings, including The Shard, The Louvre in Abu Dhabi and the Sydney Opera House.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour.
Zumtobel Group - Directors of Light: Architectural Outdoor Lighting
Directors of Light: Architectural Outdoor Lighting
Seminar, by Zumtobel Group
Find out more about how exterior lighting can transform a night time landscape into an interesting and useable space. At night we see spaces differently; we see shadows and shapes, but in ways that are less familiar and sometimes disorientating. The less familiar you are with your surroundings the more difficult it is to know what the actual space looks like.

Zumtobel Group UK is dedicated to the design and production of superior outdoor lighting fittings. The company has become one of the most reputable manufacturers of architectural outdoor lighting on the international market. ‘Light for all around the building’ is its mission: creating moods using superior architectural lighting solutions and visual comfort. More than just producing lighting fittings, Zumtobel helps generate emotive architecture, landscapes, gardens and urban spaces.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 30 minutes.
Forster Profile Systems (UK) Ltd - Fire Starter
Fire Starter
Examines the fire regulations and standards covering internal and external fire steel glazed screens. Includes some thought-provoking statistics, as well as a more general guide to fire safety and the benefits of using a steel system. Discover the key considerations – and the right questions to ask – when specifying fire-rated products.

Forster Profiles UK Limited operates directly within the UK, but is part of a worldwide company with a presence in more than 35 countries. Forster has over 100 years’ experience manufacturing steel profiles and systems for internal and external applications. Fire rated, high security, high thermal performance and very slim sightlines are just a few of the specifications Forster products offer.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45-60 minutes.
iGuzzini Illuminazione (UK) Ltd - No Light? No Architecture.
No Light? No Architecture.
Focuses on the effective integration of lighting into architecture at the very earliest stages of a project. This seminar explores the fresh opportunities made possible by sustainable LED technology and design miniaturisation, which allow architects to use lighting as a design tool. It also examines the evolution of lighting, from natural resource to modern technology, and at the impact this has had on lighting design.

iGuzzini is an international community on a mission to improve the way we live and use light. The company operates internationally via an extensive network of branches and distributors. iGuzzini manufactures indoor and outdoor luminaries, being one of the leading lighting manufacturers in Europe. Its ethos is driven by research, innovation, technology and sustainability.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.
Lorient Polyproducts Ltd - The Role and Performance of Fire and Smoke Resisting Doors
The Role and Performance of Fire and Smoke Resisting Doors
Effective fire and smoke containment protects property and saves lives. This seminar covers the important issue of fire and smoke containment for door assemblies, highlighting the demands of the Building Regulations approved documents and the key design conflicts between door fire containment, smoke containment, durability and ease of operation.

Lorient Polyproducts has been designing and manufacturing market-leading, high-performance door sealing systems for almost 40 years. Its intumescent seals are a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to defend buildings against the spread of fire, while its smoke seals restrict smoke movement around a building – giving occupants time to escape, and reducing property damage.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.
Szerelmey Ltd - Typical Cleaning Techniques, Restoration and Conservation of Natural Stone
Typical Cleaning Techniques, Restoration and Conservation of Natural Stone
Seminar, by Szerelmey Ltd
Highlights the importance of detailed surveys on stone buildings and sample cleaning areas to ensure the correct cleaning and restoration methods are employed. Also includes details of traditional cleaning techniques, as well as case studies highlighting problems often encountered and the ways to avoid or overcome them.

Szerelmey is a privately-owned company that traces its roots back to 1855. Over the centuries the company has evolved greatly, adding a masonry new-build division and full in-house design department. Today, Szerelmey operates across the UK, delivering specialist restoration and conservation projects and award-winning new-build stonework and faience schemes.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.