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The CPD materials featured below are the most recent to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised CPD materials.
Literature, by Exitile Access Ltd
This CPD package will cover multiple areas of consideration when choosing access panels and riser to specify. from the types of panels available, measurements that can be accommodated and worked from, how to use certification as a guide and what to look out for, guidance from approved building document part B and ends with cost saving options that are becoming ever more popular in the current economic climate.
Seminar, by Rapid Access Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD will outline our company history, panels overview, ceiling and wall access panels, riser doors, types of panels that can be installed, fire safety, long term maintenance issues with access panels, health safety and wellbeing as well as Statutory and Regulatory compliance and sustainable architecture and construction.
This CPD focuses on the properties of photocatalytic porcelain - a treatment based on titanium dyoxide that transforms porcelain products into environmentally active materials. It explores its characteristics and its benefits in terms of design, sustainability and certification points.
Seminar, by BRITA Vivreau Ltd
This seminar looks at office design and why health and happiness are important in the modern workplace. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- The history of office design
- What legislation is in place to support the design process
- The social impact of design
- Products available that support this
- Why the employees health and wellbeing is important in the modern workplace
- The future of the working environment
Seminar, by Sika Limited
The construction industry continues to demand more sustainable solutions from manufacturers, Sika's roofing team have launched three new green roofing systems: extensive, intensive and bio-diverse which are three of the most common green roof types in the UK. With the ability to provide a roofing system that have many environmental and sustainable benefits, Sika can now provide a CPD focused around these key benefits and the technical design considerations that come with the specification of any green roof. As well as the compatible waterproofing solutions single ply, cold-applied liquid membranes, reinforced bituminous membranes and hot melt.
Seminar, by Henco Industries
More professionals are specifying and installing multilayer pipe systems, due to the products durability and ease of use. Naturally, there are foundation questions on not only operational conditions but how these useful products of the future fit into the construction and environmental built environment. Multilayer pipe systems come in several varieties with separate characteristics that should be accounted for in design and installation phases to maximise the benefits, this presentation gives clarity to Engineers.
Online Learning, by Serge Ferrari
New & Available Online
Introduction for architects to lightweight technology or sustainable construction with tensile textile membranes using the basics and case studies. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Basic knowledge about different types of flexible composites for tensile architecture
- Basic knowledge about tensile architecture designs and applications
- Case studies
- Sustainability and efficiency of tensile architecture
Seminar, by Ansell Lighting
New & Available Online
As the demand for smart lighting control solutions in the built environment continues to intensify, the need for buildings to run as safely and cost - effectively as possible whilst ensuring the wellbeing of their occupants is greater than it has ever been. Building operators can now safely monitor and control energy, lighting, use of space, emergency system maintenance and much more. However, for smart lighting to truly fulfil its potential in the commercial space, the most critical challenge to overcome is achieving interoperability.

This CPD has been designed to provide guidance for professionals on the true potential of smart lighting, offers an understanding of the different technologies available and looks at the application of smart lighting to new projects.
New & Available Online
Home automation systems are quickly becoming a vital (and increasingly accessible) tool in the race to reach net zero, helping to drastically reduce wasted energy within domestic and commercial spaces. This webinar explores the energy saving capabilities that advanced smart home systems present, including energy monitoring from the device-level and programmable automations. This means energy data from each individual lighting circuit, appliance or heating device can be used to understand consumption behaviour and automate efficient ways to reduce wasted energy.
Online Learning, by Schueco UK Ltd
New & Available Online
An introduction to specifying curtain walling covering the unique differences between stick and unitised elements. Understanding the design benefits of each application, how they are constructed, the impacts on sustainability and wellbeing, along with compliance to the necessary industry standards including testing procedures and fire protection.
Seminar, by Hörmann (UK) Ltd
New & Available Online
This short programme has been developed to give a clear technical understanding of how to specify the correct loading bay solutions with individual components for a project. It has been designed to give you knowledge on key aspects of loading bays and aims to provide a clear understanding of the safety requirements and standards to ensure you meet the needs of both the builders and the client.
Seminar, by Glazing Vision Ltd
New & Available Online
In 2021, changes were made to Building Regulations: Approved Document L – Conservation of Fuel and Power which has affected building work on both new and existing buildings in England from 15th June 2022 in a bid to help the UK reach its net zero carbon emission target by 2050. This CPD takes you through the key points of the most recent changes to the Approved Document in relation to rooflights and roof glazing, discussing topics such as U-values, changes to upstand requirements, the differences between roof windows and rooflights, SAP calculations and notional buildings, and where you can find supporting material.
The seminar aims to provide specifiers with an understanding of colour including:
- The science of colour and how we see it
- Colour psychology and how colour can affect built environments
- Communicating colour introducing colour referencing systems
- Colour in practice
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