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Protective treatments and measures

The following materials offer guidance and advice on protective treatments and measures from basement to roof. Many seminars are now available online. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Building with Colour: The Evolution of Colour Theory
Explores the relationship between colour and architecture through the 20th Century to present day. Starts by looking at different colour theories before progressing to the application of colour in modern architecture with the work of Le Corbusier and the De Stijl movement. Also examines contemporary architecture and the application of colour psychology and neuroarchitecture. Concludes with an introduction to how colour is 'made' – the apparatus and methodology of creating colour for powder coating.

Axalta Powder Coatings Systems UK has one of the most extensive portfolios of innovative technologies in the industry. It formulates and manufactures high quality thermoset powder coatings for the decorative and functional coating industries. The company has invested heavily in targeted research and new products for an ever-expanding product line.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A
Exceptional Performance Systems in Below Ground Waterproofing
Seminar, by CETCO
Covers the design and specification of below ground waterproofing systems in accordance with British Standard BS 8102: 2009. Includes advice on: common waterproofing problems (and their solutions) when specifying below ground waterproofing systems; the importance of site evaluation and risk assessment; structural design considerations; waterproofing system selection and how to specify the most suitable type of waterproofing for different project types; and, the importance of warranties and costs.

An integrated approach to water protection, backed by the resources of one of the world’s largest mineral companies, CETCO offers a wide variety of active and passive waterproofing membrane technologies for use in protecting the building envelope above and below ground. Its diverse product offering and total system approach has been designed to accommodate the varied conditions encountered during construction, ensuring that each waterproofing system performs properly in the unique conditions of any given project. With more than 50 years of waterproofing technology experience, CETCO is known worldwide for quality, performance and reliability.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Liquid Waterproofing: Choosing the Best Solution
Online Learning, by SIG Design & Technology
A look at roof specification and the design processes that ensure maximum longevity when specifying liquid waterproofing systems. Presented as a step-by-step guide it covers: design considerations; how to establish the client’s brief; compliance with British standards and codes of practice; choosing the best roofing system for the job; roofing options and when to specify liquid waterproofing solutions; green roofing solutions; what support to expect from suppliers; and, detailing, compatibility and interfaces.

SIG Design & Technology is a part of SIG Roofing, a division of SIG plc, which is itself a FTSE 250 company and one of the UK's leading suppliers to the building and construction industry. SIG Design & Technology designs and supplies flat roofing solutions, including green roofing, zinc, copper and stainless-steel roofing and cladding and pitched roof coverings (including natural slate and clay tiles). SIG has compiled an eight-step guide to roof design. Called #PerfectRoof, the eight steps follow the construction process from product selection and design to guarantees and maintenance.
Roofing Systems: Managing Risk for the Principal Designer
Looks at the main causes of risk within the roofing industry. Includes advice and best practice guidance on: risks associated with roofing work and how changes to the Construction Design and Management Regulations (CDM) affect the responsibility of Principal Designers; the main causes of risk, including fire risk and wind uplift, and how to minimise these risk factors; risks of ponding, inadequate drainage and condensation; and, levels of guarantee and manufacturer performance, and what you should expect.

Quality and innovation are just two of the characteristics associated with Sika Liquid Plastics. They’re evident in the company’s products, technical support and research and development. Since 1963, Sika Liquid Plastics has produced an extensive range of high performance, technologically advanced coatings and membranes for the protection and waterproofing of roofs and balconies. Customer support is provided via a nationwide network of specialist area managers and their expert technical services teams.
Waterproofing Underground Structures: The Evolution of Gas Protective Measures
Seminar, by Juta UK Ltd
Explores structural waterproofing design for new builds, in compliance with BS8102: 2009, and the requirements of BS8485: 2015 in relation to ground contamination and ground gas hazards. Appropriate material selection at an early design stage is key. This seminar offers practical and useful advice.

The JUTA group is a vertically integrated business whose operations encompass the processing of basic chemicals, polymers and raw materials, through the working of these into fibres and woven fabrics, to the final finished product. This vertical integration – combined with its experience, expertise and state-of-the-art technology – is key to Juta’s success.

Duration: 40-50 minutes, plus Q&A
Waterproofing: BS:8102: 2009 The Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground
Online Learning, by Delta Membrane Systems Ltd
Addresses the different types of waterproofing protection used in the UK (types A, B and C, along with combination waterproofing) and their placement in new build and retrofitting projects, performance features and benefits, and the correct selection of waterproofing solutions for various applications.

Delta Membrane Systems is a leading UK manufacturer of cavity drain (type C) waterproofing. Delta’s focus is on educating professionals while exploring waterproofing design requirements in accordance with current legislation, British Standards, and warranty provider requirements (such as NHBC/LABC).

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A