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Live online seminars

With digital interactive platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams replacing face-to-face meetings due to ongoing lockdown restrictions, we’ve included a selection of live online seminars here, to help you stay safe.
"In the beginning" - It all starts with a raised access floor
Online Learning, by Bathgate Flooring Ltd
An introduction to the specification and design of raised access floors, from their beginnings to modern best practice. Explores their benefits, appropriate selection, correct design and the need to plan carefully.

Bathgate Flooring provides a full raised access flooring service, from initial design and specification to manufacturing, supply, installation, project management and maintenance. With a national sales team and installer network, Bathgate can manage projects throughout the UK. All Bathgate high quality panels are fully steel encapsulated or edge banded – a proven design that is extremely robust, durable and has excellent dimensional consistency and accuracy. The option of bespoke panels gives further and considerable design flexibility. This makes Bathgate Flooring the preferred choice for refurbishment, or for where uniquely tailored solutions are required. Factory bonded finishes, including vinyl, carpet, solid wood or veneers, ceramics, natural stone and even a range of magnetic finishes complete a range that is second to none.

Duration: 50 minutes, plus Q&A
Domestic Kitchen Design
Online Learning, by SieMatic Holding GmbH
An overview of domestic kitchen design. Covers the history of the kitchen, the current kitchen market and future trends, door finishes, worktop options, appliances, sustainability and other consumer considerations including wellness and biophilic design. Also explores design and planning, anthropometrics and ergonomics.

Since it was founded as a family business in 1929, SieMatic has remained driven by one idea: to develop exemplary kitchens. For more and more people around the world, the kitchen is the most important and most frequently used room. For them, SieMatic works tirelessly to reinterpret the kitchen and to develop solutions that attach as much importance to emotion as function. SieMatic should make your life easier and give and enrich what you desire most: something that brings delight every day.

Duration: 52 minutes
Flood Resilience
Online Learning, by Delta Membrane Systems Ltd
An in-depth look at the concepts of flood resistance, resilience and recoverability that examines the technologies used in below ground structural waterproofing in everything from domestic to commercial structures. Covers: what flood resilience is, flood risk management, assessment of flood water into buildings in relation to British Standard BS85500: 2015, design principles and solutions available.

Delta Membrane Systems provides a full range of waterproofing and damp proofing solutions for architects, specifiers, developers, contractors and homeowners on new, retrofit and refurbishment construction and in flood resilience. It also supplies ground gas protection membranes that safeguard structures from harmful ground gases such as radon, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrocarbons. With over 125 years of manufacturing experience Delta is an impeccable partner on any project.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
How Resin Flooring Delivers Seamless Hygienic Finishes for the Food and Drink Industry
Literature, by Sherwin-Williams
Explains how resin flooring provides a hard wearing, resilient and durable floor surface before examining in more detail the reasons for specifying resin flooring, the main resin flooring systems for food and beverage facilities, standards and legislation relevant to the food industry, surface preparation, and the keys to successful specification and installation of resin flooring systems.

Sherwin-Williams manufactures a range of heavy-duty, impact resistant, non-slip seamless resin floor systems that stand up to the demands of industry. With over 150 years of coatings knowledge and experience, Sherwin-Williams chemists are constantly innovating and developing resin surface technology to bring new solutions and meet the needs of business, government and industry.

Approximate reading time: 45minutes
Mitigating Road Vehicle Incursion on the UKs Rail Network
Seminar, by Barkers Fencing
Local Authorities, Highways England and the Rail Industry (Network Rail, TFL) have a duty to mitigate the risk of vehicles accidentally getting on to live tracks. This is known within the industry as Road Vehicle Incursion (RVI). The Department for Transport issued a report following an accident in 2001 outlining what would be required to help prevent this and now many schemes are being developed. This presentation looks at products considered suitable to mitigate RVI, with the added benefit of maintaining a physical trespass boundary. It covers: fencing specification and standards for products used on the rail infrastructure; the requirements for RVI design; fencing developments, from high security to RVI; and, environmental considerations.

Barkers Fencing is one of the UK's largest fencing manufacturers with over 40 years’ experience. During that time, it has developed an extensive range of high security fencing, commonly used for data centres, CNI, Network Rail and schools. Barkers Fencing designs, manufactures and installs high performance fencing for every application.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Plywood: A Definitive Guide to Specification
Online Learning, by Hanson Plywood Ltd
Habitual specification of marine plywood is common when high quality plywood is required. This presentation aims to provide specifiers with a greater understanding of the key features and benefits of well made, fit for purpose construction plywood, fully in line with current European Standards, and thereby help them to make better informed decisions regarding product selection.

Hanson Plywood Ltd is a leading UK importer, distributor and supplier of a diverse range of sustainable wood-based panel products. The company is based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Hanson offers a comprehensive technical advisory service, and will cut, machine, veneer and laminate boards where required. All orders are processed and supplied to schedule by the company's own dedicated delivery fleet. As members of the Timber Trade Federation, Hanson Plywood is committed to being at the forefront in both environmental practice and technical standards.

Duration: 50-60 minutes, plus Q&A