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BIM and digital technologies

Even the briefest glance at the variety of topics covered below should provide a clue to range of construction product disciplines transformed by digital technologies: from design to production to infrastructure. Discover how the digital revolution continues to help make better buildings. Many seminars are now available online. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Cabling for the Integrated Home
Seminar, by CEDIA
A look at the modern Smart Home, starting with a definition of what a Smart Home is before examining The Internet of Things, entertainment, modern building methods, bandwidth and Smart Home wiring infrastructure. Includes guidance on key terms, basic design principles, the cabling requirements of an ‘Integrated Home’, key metrics/space, and when to call in the professionals!

CEDIA is a leading global authority on home technology. It represents more than 3,700 member companies that specialise in the design and installation of electronic systems for the home. CEDIA members work with architects, specifiers, interior designers and developers to design and install suitable smart home systems, either at new build or refurbishment stage. Through education and training our members are best equipped to provide advice on the solutions available the best meet clients' needs.
Designing Security: An Introduction to Residential Door Entry Solutions
Seminar, by Vimar SpA
Gain a better understanding of building communications systems. This seminar examines the various technologies available to manage building communications before offering guidance on how to select the most appropriate technology and hardware for your project. Along the way it addresses the different drivers that motivate house owners and developers.

Since 1945 Vimar has grown by accurately interpreting the evolution of housing styles within a fast-changing society: from basic electrical installations to modern home automation systems. Today it continues to design and innovate to the highest quality standards from its manufacturing base in Italy.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Enhancing the Efficiency of BIM Door Object Development
Covers the fundamentals of BIM object design and how to use BIM to improve the conventional specification and scheduling process. Includes guidance on: the requirements and resources for creating standards-based BIM door objects; how to leverage web-based resources to access pre-built standards-based BIM door objects; and, how to bring pre-built BIM door objects, third-party plug-ins and software together to significantly improve the conventional specification and scheduling process.

ASSA ABLOY is a global leader in door opening solutions. The strength of ASSA ABLOY lies in its brands, which include some of the best-known and most trusted names in security.

ASSA ABLOY products include master key systems, security and emergency locks, electric locking products, and supporting architectural hardware such as door furniture, hinges, door closers and escape systems. It also offers high performance steel and timber doors.

Duration: 45-50 minutes, plus Q&A
Lighting for Museums, Galleries and Heritage Buildings
An overview of how creative lighting designs can contribute towards the development of an inspirational space for the display of historic and cultural artefacts. Such spaces obviously include museums and galleries, but also heritage buildings and places of worship. Drawing on best practice from CIBSE LG8 and LG13, this seminar covers the principles of lighting, colour rendering and beam control, and features case study examples of these effects in action.

Concord is a globally respected commercial and architectural lighting company. It has a substantial manufacturing and marketing base in the UK and is renowned for having a strong design ethos. Its beautiful and technically superior range of contemporary lighting products is one of the most comprehensive on the market.
Secure Entrance Control
Advice on how to assess the security risks within a workplace and the different security levels, the different product choices available and the requirements and design options for specific environments, and how to install your chosen products on existing floor structures.

Automatic Systems designs and manufactures entrance control equipment. Its product portfolio complements security entrance lanes, swing gates, tripod and full-height turnstiles, interlocking doors and detection units, rising and swinging barriers, extra-long and security barriers, rising fenced barriers and bollards, and road blockers.

Duration: 25 minutes, plus Q&A