08 Places, planning and communities

Understanding the legal, regulatory and policy frameworks for creating successful urban and rural places, and the relevant planning processes and procedures. Having the knowledge and skills to create successful buildings within the context of neighbourhoods, towns and cities.
  • Background and context
  • The legal basis of planning and governmental policy
  • Planning and placemaking processes
  • Changing demographics, ways of living and public health issues
  • Engagement with clients and communities
  • Fairness, regeneration and community development
  • Rural planning issues
  • Development and conservation
  • Public spaces
  • Small-scale development
  • Housing
  • Layout, density and typology
  • Tall buildings
  • Landscape design
  • Streets
  • Masterplanning: understanding of:
  • Safer places

For a more comprehensive overview of what this competency potentially covers, download the PDF file below:

Download the PDF for Study Notes 08 - Places, planning and communitiesStudy Notes 08 - Places, planning and communities
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