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Forge Industrial Estate

Mid Glamorgan
CF34 0AH
Helen Massay
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Siderise Group


Siderise Group has three main divisions in the UK, Fire Protection, Thermal and Acoustic Enhancement Products. Historically known as the Lamatherm brand, Siderise is the UK’s leading manufacturer for Curtain Walling Facade and Rainscreen Fire Stops and Cavity Barriers, along with products for every construction application for fire. There is also a dedicated product line for thermal applications for cladding panels, glass spandrel panels and general fire safe by design soffit liner solutions. In addition to fire the Siderise Group can offer unrivalled acoustic performance from our enhanced Acoustic Products (formerly the Lamaphon brand) for construction projects, sound studios, cinemas etc. It also has our dedicated acoustic manufacturing division (previously known as Lamapro) supplying primarily the OEM industry, supplying designed and tested products for many diverse end uses, from generator housings to rail, automotive and luxury marine vessels.
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Cavity Barrier in Ventilated Facades
This CPD looks at some of the common external wall types, key functions a ventilated façade; the UK regulatory requirements for fire protection within this facade type including the latest changes regarding fire classifications. It looks at functional performance of cavity barriers, suitable applications and important principles, testing and certification, routes to compliance when installing the cavity barrier component into the façade system. It also puts forward some typical problematic areas and how to overcome them early in the design stage as well as an installation overview.
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General Awareness
Material type: Online Learning
Material type: Seminar


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