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The CPD materials featured below are the most recent to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised CPD materials.
Online Learning, by Symphony Group
New & Available Online
This interactive webinar discusses accessibility in kitchens, and introduces the principles that will allow designers and architects to create truly accessible kitchens for wheelchair users. The webinar includes examples of how to apply the principles in practice, and explores the kitchen section of Approved Document M.
New & Available Online
Type B waterproofing is the predominant form of water resistance where the structure itself is designed and constructed to be integrally waterproof. As an essential form of waterproofing protection, this CPD considers the most relevant points to consider in waterproofing a concrete structure. This includes: the guidance and requirements offered by BS 8102:2009, the ‘Code of Practice for Protection of Below Ground Structures Against Water From the Ground’ for Type B waterproofing; how to ensure that your below-ground structure is watertight, using some of the predominant waterproofing products available in the UK; and the techniques and aspects to pay attention to in order to maintain the continuity of your Type B waterproofing. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to distinguish between 'Type B' waterproofing and other forms of waterproofing
- Recommendations given by BS 8102:2009 regarding Type B waterproofing
- What the predominant types of Type B waterproofing products in the UK are
- How to maintain continuity between your waterproofing elements
- How best to protect against potentially costly and damaging waterproofing failures

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Seminar, by MOY
This CPD will cover the following topics:
- Flat roof design principles - building standards & legislation compliance
- Flat roofing systems – roof waterproofing technology types and typical applications, accessories and components
- Achieving Zero Leaks – outlining the importance of ‘quality system supplier’ selection to help ensure successful development & delivery of the correct specification.
Seminar, by Atrium Ltd
Acoustic lighting is a real thing, delivering real value. Learn why acoustic lighting is suddenly an important component of designing modern spaces. Topics include the trends driving the need for acoustic lighting, in particular the intersection of open concept spaces with designing for wellness.

Also, basic acoustic design factors that influence the effectiveness of acoustic lighting, and different approaches to combining acoustics and lighting.
Seminar, by Tata Steel
This seminar is about the use of colour in the built environment. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- The principles of colour and how we see colour
- The different colour measurement and classification systems
- Principles behind the development of a colour palette
- How to measure colour differences and colour matching tools and procedures

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Seminar, by Atrium Ltd
New & Available Online
Discover the history and origins of modern lighting techniques, how they have changed through the evolution of interior design. How to deliver these techniques using different luminaire types, controls and scene settings to achieve a comprehensive design solution.
New & Available Online
Colour in Design CPD is a collection of visually engaging thought leadership learning modules covering key topics that can be individually selected. The modules offer thought leadership and highlight the importance when using colour in design, explores the practicalities of colour, detailing a informative discussion in:

-Light and Lighting offers a fuller understanding of how light affects colour in three areas: Biological, Functional & Emotional.
-Psychology and Physiology creates awareness of colour around us, how we experience colour and how it can influence our feel.
-Technical Colour provides an understanding our the available colour spaces and gives considerations across each of the formats from paint to print.
Online Learning, by Bricsys
New & Available Online
The use of OpenBIM is influencing the way the construction industry works, given how the Digital Construction processes are now playing unexpendable roles in projects more than before. Understanding this process and knowing how to collaborate via open and transparent processes is critical for the future of architects and practices alike. This presentation will touch upon the concepts of this paradigm shift, so by the end of this CPD, you should have a greater understanding of what Open BIM is and why it is important, OpenBIM vs Closed BIM, how collaboration works and how you would be able to put that to practice.
New & Available Online
Type A waterproofing is defined by British Standard 8102:2022 as “barrier protection” which is applied to either the internal or external surface of a structure in order to resist the pressure of water trying to enter the building. This CPD therefore presents and considers the most relevant points to consider in specifying and installing Type A waterproofing. This includes: A review of the principles of the British Standard and what has changed in the new BS 8102:2022 version regarding Type A waterproofing; Principles of Type A membranes, from historic issues & failures to contemporary designs for Type A solutions; an introduction to both post-applied and pre-applied external membranes; internal Type A membranes; and the importance of good detailing and specialist application.
Seminar, by Sto Ltd
This CPD explains the history of where the rainscreen technology originates from, including an overview of what a rainscreen cladding system is. The focus of this CPD relates to Glass Rainscreen systems covering the following topics:

- The composite glass panel and rainscreen system build-up, including formats and weights for the glass panel
- Designing with glass - colour, print options, finishes and textures
- Control of grids and panels to aid the visual interpretation of the building grid
- Moisture protection benefits of rainscreen cladding
- Thermal performance benefits of rainscreen cladding
- Glass Rainscreen safety relating to fire, wind loads, impact and blast performance.
New & Available Online
This updated seminar on secure entrance control looks at

Assessing the security risks within a building

Determining what type of pedestrian entrance control you need whilst taking into account the current infrastructure

Product choice - the types of products that can be installed depending on the risk requirement (from low to high)

Implementation and integration of security equipment into building design – different product choices depending on the level of security required
What safety features and code compliances we must follow
Seminar, by CEMEX UK
Specifying Fibre Reinforcement for Concrete aims to tackle the key issues facing specifiers who aim to utilise fibres of differing types to replace traditional mesh and/or rebar reinforcement in situ and pre-cast concrete elements. The presentation will cover the current conversation, the history of fibre reinforcement, how it compares to traditional reinforcement and the benefits and advantages deferred by their use.
New & Available Online
Design adapts to new rules of social interaction. During the pandemic, washrooms were furnished with sanitising accessories, every other cubicle locked, and every other urinal sealed to allow social distancing. This CPD will cover how going forwards, washroom design will have to adapt even further.

As experts in the washroom industry, we are passionate about how design can influence post-pandemic architecture. In the last two years, hygiene in building design has become more relevant than ever. The question is, how are buildings going to change in the future?
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