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A selection of CPD materials that caught our eye, from acoustics to air tightness and safe access and happy workplaces. Most seminars are now available online, but this is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Online Learning, by BuzziSpace
A novel presentation that includes exposure to a mix of typical background noises, thereby allowing the audience to truly focus on their positive and negative effects. This then forms the basis of a discussion on how to create working environments that feel comfortable and closer to nature. The result should be a greater understanding of how sound can be mastered and balanced, how biophilic and biometric design contributes to better acoustic treatments, and how to create the perfect ’sound frame’ for quieter and happier workspaces.

BuzziSpace creates solutions for happy and healthy workspaces around the world. With a mission to improve well-being through human-centric design, this Belgian brand provides original acoustic solutions, lighting and furnishings to match the needs of the modern workplace
Online Learning, by Intelligent Membranes
Explores the benefits of liquid-applied, airtight membranes and how they can be used by developers, house builders and contractors to achieve greater airtightness, presenting a balanced overview of their pros and cons. Also includes guidance on relevant standards and regulatory guidelines.

Intelligent Membranes’ next generation liquid applied products include the world’s first Passivhaus certified airtight liquid vapour control that can be brush, spray or roll applied, a breathable weatherproof façade membrane that is Class B Fire-compliant, window and façade temporary peelable spray-on protection, and wet room waterproofing.
Topics covered include construction industry initiatives and programmes, timber certification schemes, environmental product declarations, ISO 14001 and other relevant standards, industry responses to environmental issues and sources of further information.

The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers (GAI) is the only trade body in the UK that represents the interests of the whole architectural ironmongery industry: architectural ironmongers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Its reputation is built on three key areas: education, technical support and community. Its qualifications, education and CPD programmes are widely respected in the UK and overseas, including the GCC and Hong Kong. Its technical information service is the only specialist service of its kind, providing GAI members with comprehensive advice on issues relating to the legislation, regulations and standards governing the use of architectural ironmongery and related hardware.
Online Learning, by AG
A look at concrete paving, including how it’s manufactured, how it performs relative to natural stone, and how bedding solutions are designed.

AG specialises in the manufacture of paving flags, blocks, retaining walls and facing bricks. For over sixty years it has been an innovative, technology-driven company that uses advanced manufacturing methods and stringent quality control. AG’s philosophy is simple: to offer solutions that make construction better, faster and safer for all customers. From complex segmental retaining walls and flooding solutions to stunning facing brick ranges, its engineering and design teams have developed products that combine ease of installation with a practical functionality and visual appeal that continue to challenge – and lead – industry standards.
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