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Latest CPD materials

Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. These include both new and recently revised, and both online and in person CPD materials.
Advanced Carpet Technology
This seminar explores best practices, regulatory requirements and solutions for the design and installation of commercial carpet. Drawing on case studies and supporting data from independent sources within the industry, it explores product types and provides accurate information to allow the participant to gain valuable knowledge of carpet design & installation through the very latest methodologies and capability in carpet production technology.
Design Considerations for Resilient Fencing and Entrance Security
Seminar, by Barkers Fencing
This presentation will offer practical and impartial advice which will help delegate to incorporate the most appropriate fencing and entrance security equipment for different site conditions and requirements. This presentation is ideal for those specifying fencing and entrance security for commercial or CNI sites. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to approach Perimeter Security Specification
- Mitigating the threats and the security standard available
- Consideration for a smooth installation and on-going operation
- Safety Regulations around automatic entrance products
- The solutions available and the problems they solve
Geotextiles in erosion control applications
Online Learning, by Geofabrics Ltd
New & Available Online
Closely linked with climate change and flooding the effects of erosion and land loss regularly feature on our new feeds. Geofabrics deliver a 45 minute insight into geosynthetics used to reduce the impact from erosion. Identifying different types of erosion and their often severe impacts will aid your understanding of this dynamic subject.
How Permeable Paving works as a SuDS Solution
Online Learning, by Tobermore
New & Available Online
This CPD discusses permeable paving and how it can be used to create spectacular hard landscaping features with environmentally friendly products. It reduces the risk of flooding and pollution by allowing rainfall to infiltrate the ground naturally, reducing the pressure on already overloaded urban drainage systems. By end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- How permeable paving works as a SuDS solution
- Design stages (concept, developed, technical and construction)
- Common challenges of permeable paving
- Maintenance and adoption
- Appreciation of appropriate sectors for permeable paving
- How to answer frequently asked questions

This CPD can be delivered in person or remotely online
How to Specify an Effective Entrance Flooring System
Online Learning, by Milliken
b>New & Available Online
This seminar examines the role and importance of entrance flooring systems, considering regulatory, safety, health, well-being and financial factors. It goes on to explain how effective systems work, explores the various entrance flooring forms and materials available and how they should be used. The presentation concludes by reviewing some common causes of entrance flooring failures and provides some examples of effective entrance systems. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

- The importance of entrance flooring systems to a building’s statutory and regulatory compliance, its safety, cleanliness, and to the health and well-being of its occupants
- The financial impact that effective entrance flooring can have on the operation of a building
- The various types of entrance flooring products available, how they work and strategic considerations for their specification
- How to avoid entrance flooring system failures
- How to specify an effective entrance flooring system for your next project

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
How to Specify Sustainable, Innovative Drinking Water Systems
Online Learning, by Aqua Libra Co
New & Available Online
This CPD aims to give delegates the appropriate tools to make informed decisions on designs to meet the objectives around sustainability, wellbeing and circular economies for the specification of sustainable, innovative drinking water systems
By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to reduce and eliminate single-use plastic by designing tea points and water-filling stations with re-usable drinking vessels in mind.
- The design principles that aid in reducing energy consumption, water miles, and carbon footprint for client’s facilities.
- How to identify how instant dispense water systems can contribute towards sustainability accreditations.
-The differences between water filtration and water purification and their impact on water safety and taste.
- How the industry has adapted technology in a post-COVID world and how to specify the correct solution for any given situation, including space and services requirements.
This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Introduction to Microcement
Online Learning, by TOPCRET London
New & Available Online
Microcement is one of the world's most popular types of decorating material. This high-performance cement-based material has extraordinary adhesion to almost all surfaces and its superb finish, texture and versatility makes it perfectly adapted to the needs of a wide range of projects. This CPD aims to provide a comprehensive introduction to the material. By the end of the presentation should have a greater understanding of:
- What Microcement is
- Why you would use Microcement
- Where you can use Microcement
- Application
- Maintenance

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
New Generation Luxury Joinery Lighting
Online Learning, by John Cullen Lighting
New & Available Online
It is no easy feat designing lighting for luxury joinery - getting the perfect aesthetics for the space requires pre-planning and coordination. This CPD discusses what to look out for when incorporating lighting into joinery and examines the various applications and solutions using the lighting toolbox of new generation joinery luminaries. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- The detail required for joinery lighting - pre-planning and coordination
- The layered lighting principles involved in joinery lighting
- What to consider - including awareness of surface finishes and considering the objects being lit for best effect
- How to apply the appropriate LED fittings to the right applications
- The control systems that can be used and applied for best results

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Specifying Geotextiles
Online Learning, by Geofabrics Ltd
New & Available Online
Geofabrics deliver a 46 minute presentation which will explain the basic structures of different geotextiles and how changes in such can impact performance properties. From this the methods for testing geotextiles will be explained along with how tests can be interpreted against performance. It will also cover European and UK requires for CE marking and UKCA.
Together We Build Greatness Podcast Series: Episode 2: Why Brick?
Podcast, by Vandersanden Brick
New & Available Online
A series of podcasts from Vandersanden covering everything from the basics of brick and the different brick options available, through to demonstrating the potential of brick through design inspiration and also technical innovation
Understanding Lighting – Review Performance (Value) of Lighting & Emergency Systems in Commercial Buildings
Online Learning, by Llumarlite Ltd
New & Available Online
Should I Review, Refresh or Replace my Lighting Systems? This CPD explores simple ways to apply circular economy principles, gives an introduction to current legislation & guidance and provides delegates with the essential considerations to enable them specify performance (value) lighting & emergency systems in commercial buildings. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to identify risks and human centric lighting & safety needs
- Ways to enhance and improve your lighting project
- How to consider Circular Economy principles & identify opportunities
- The ability to identify waste in typical applications
- The ability to specify lighting needs & maximise their value

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Using NBS Chorus
Course, by NBS
This training course is intended for organizations with an NBS Chorus plan. The training course will cover one content set, either CAWS or Uniclass 2015, and can be booked accordingly. It is ideal for your users to gain a working understanding of the specification writing capabilities of NBS Chorus with your chosen content set & library and will cover a broad range of essential tasks. Organizations with an NBS Chorus plan with access only to the CAWS Small Works library might wish to consider the Using NBS Chorus for Small Works training course instead. Organizations with an NBS Chorus Pro / Enterprise plan might wish to consider the Using NBS Chorus Pro training course instead.

What does it cover?
-Log in and create new projects.
-Creating a new specification and searching & adding content.
-Edit specifications using NBS pre-written content and guidance.
-Inviting internal collaborators to your project and specifications.
-Copying content.
-Publish your specification.

This is a three and a half hour online course designed to run from 09.30am to 1.00pm or 1.30pm to 5.00pm.
Why Acoustics Matter and How to Specify them
Online Learning, by Knauf UK
New & Available Online
Good acoustics can affect more than just the atmosphere of a room; your health and productivity can be affected by the acoustics of a room. This presentation discusses what sound and acoustics actually are, why acoustics matter, and an introduction into what you need to consider when specifying acoustics in future projects. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- What sound and acoustics are, and the difference between sound and noise
- Sound absorbency classes and reverberation
- How acoustic products work
- The effects of poor acoustics on wellbeing, education, healthcare and work
- What to consider when specifying acoustics

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.