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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
Jeld-Wen Danmark A/S Trading as Swedoor - Burning Questions: Timber Fire Door Sets
Burning Questions: Timber Fire Door Sets
In the aftermath of Grenfell, the importance of fire doors, their use and certification still remains highly topical. This CPD seminar covers the basic – but no less vital – considerations when specifying doors.

JELD-WEN was founded in 1960 when American entrepreneur Richard Wendt bought an Oregon millwork plant with 15 employees. Today, the company employs around 21,000 people worldwide and has manufacturing, distribution and showroom facilities in 25 countries, primarily throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 50 minutes
Falco UK Ltd - Creating the Cycle Parking Infrastructure to Support Cycling in the UK
Creating the Cycle Parking Infrastructure to Support Cycling in the UK
Seminar, by Falco UK Ltd
Offers architects and designers a full overview of the issues involved in designing and specifying cycle parking, whether in the public realm or for private developments. Gain a greater understanding of the following topics: cycle parking facilities themselves, the development and growth of cycling as a mainstream form of transportation, planning requirements and guidelines, the design and specification implications of cycle parking, product styles and design solutions, and the latest developments and technical advances.

Falco is one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers, suppliers and installers of cycle parking systems, cycle hubs and advanced cycle products for public and private schemes across the UK.

Falco can assist architects, specifiers and designers undertake feasibility studies, provide advice on key issues and ultimately deliver the full implementation of cycle parking facilities to any scheme in the UK.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour
Applelec - Design with OLED
Design with OLED
Seminar, by Applelec
An in-depth and hands-on seminar that explores in detail the benefits of using organic LEDs, how to integrate OLED into lighting projects, and the many design possibilities this innovative lighting technology provides.

A UK-based lighting manufacturer and supplier, Applelec specialises in LED and OLED (organic LED) lighting technology. The company works with architects and lighting designers to support the integration of its products within designs.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: one hour
Jackon UK Ltd - Extruded Polystyrene Construction Boards in Internal Tiling
Extruded Polystyrene Construction Boards in Internal Tiling
Seminar, by Jackon UK Ltd
A presentation that examines the construction of wet rooms and bathrooms and the further use, including underfloor heating, of extruded polystyrene (XPS) construction boards in both new-build and refurbishment projects; with full BBA accreditation.

Jackon Insulation is a leading manufacturer of XPS board solutions for construction and industrial customers. The company has extensive manufacturing expertise and offers a broad range of innovative and sustainable thermal insulation products for use in construction projects.

Since the company’s founding in 1956, progress, sustainability and innovation have been its main drivers. Jackon has a history of developing novel processes and new products, and as a result has enjoyed continuous growth. With 19 state-of-the-art factories and more than 300 employees, Jackon Insulation is one of the leading suppliers of XPS and EPS solutions in Europe.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
FeRFA The Resin Flooring Association - Guide to the Specification and Application of Synthetic Resin Flooring
Guide to the Specification and Application of Synthetic Resin Flooring
This guide draws on the expertise of FeRFA members who have been designing and applying synthetic resin flooring since the earliest development of such resins in the 1960s. It offers recommendations regarding the classification, design and substrate preparation, as well as the application, inspection and testing of synthetic resin flooring. Its scope includes all floorings based on liquid synthetic resin binders.

FeRFA, the Resin Flooring Association, represents the majority of manufacturers, contractors, raw material suppliers and specialist service providers in the UK resin flooring, screeding and surface preparation sector. Today, in its 50th anniversary year, FeRFA leads the way in its commitment to quality, training and support for its members. The Guide to the specification and application of synthetic resin flooring is just one of four RIBA-approved technical publications published by FeRFA.

Approximate length: 21 pages
Junckers Ltd - Hardwood Sports Floorings
Hardwood Sports Floorings
Seminar, by Junckers Ltd
Examines current and future standards in sports floors, their properties, the different types of sports floor systems available, what a high-performance sports floor actually is and its benefits to the client, lifecycle costs, underfloor heating, floor loadings and maintenance.

Junckers Industrier A/S is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of solid wood flooring for the sports, residential and commercial markets. It claims to be the only flooring company to also offer its own carefully balanced range of wood-care products for the regular maintenance and renovation of wooden floors. Junckers is therefore able to provide a complete solution, regardless of the task at hand.

Junckers is a professional partner, committed to providing technical support before, during and after any project. All Junckers wooden floors and wood-care products are produced in Denmark, based on the solid traditions of Danish craftsmanship.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
Atrium Ltd - Light: Unlocking the Code of Colour
Light: Unlocking the Code of Colour
Seminar, by Atrium Ltd
Colour has the extraordinary power to evoke emotion, impact perception and transform an environment. Much is known about the properties of colour and its effect on human behaviour, but what of the medium that transports colour to us – light?

This presentation details the advantages and disadvantages of the LED revolution. It answers questions such as: how can a light source affect our perception of colour? How can a light source compromise an environment and how can it be used to enhance an experience? This seminar identifies the key factors that must be considered when specifying or using LED lighting. It also includes a Q&A.

Atrium Ltd, together with its Scottish division, Kelvin Lighting, is one of the UK’s largest independent specialist lighting distributors and is the exclusive host to some of the world’s most renowned lighting brands. With a reputation for enhancing clients’ projects through the skilful application of artificial light, Atrium adds value through outstanding service, support and a unique portfolio of products. This enables it to create complete and diverse lighting solutions across different market sectors, including retail, commercial, hospitality, residential and public buildings.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 40 minutes
UZIN - 'Modern Installation Systems for Floor Coverings: Step this Way'
'Modern Installation Systems for Floor Coverings: Step this Way'
Seminar, by UZIN
Do you know much about flooring? Do you want to know how to expedite projects within short time frames, reduce costs or easily gain BREEAM certification? This seminar provides a detailed overview of the correct specification process for perfect flooring installations.

It often takes a high degree of effort and creativity to deliver the vision you’ve relayed to clients. It requires attention to detail and an uncompromising commitment to finding solutions to often unusual problems. UZIN’s promise is to deliver product systems that are of the highest quality and safe for the environment. UZIN is always there for you, providing the highest level of technical support.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
Imperial Bricks - Revolutionising Restoration
Revolutionising Restoration
Seminar, by Imperial Bricks
How to source the correct brick for renovation, extension and new builds. Includes information on: brick solutions for conservation areas and listed buildings; traditional brick-making techniques and brick evolution; brick types, colours, sizes and regionality, and; problem solving, case studies and practical advice.
Imperial Bricks is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of the finest traditional handmade, wire-cut and pressed bricks in imperial and metric sizes. Using time-honoured manufacturing methods, its skilled brickmakers expertly reproduce authentic colours and textures, making Imperial’s bricks perfect for restoration and renovation work, while also offering an authentic look for new-build projects.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
Bristan Group - Thermostatically Speaking
Thermostatically Speaking
Seminar, by Bristan Group
Examines at the various types of water controls the specifier might wish to consider when selecting water delivery products. Thermostatic valves, particularly, are examined more closely, including the benefits and drawbacks of using thermostatic products and the duty of care specifiers have in commercial environments. There is also a section on infection control and Legionella.

Bristan is a leading British brand for taps and showers. Since 1977, Bristan has been producing products that both perfectly match its customers’ needs and lifestyles and that are consistently easy to choose, install and use. From smart design features to dedicated technical support, Bristan is forever finding ways to make life easier.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes