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Electrical systems and automation

The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
OE Electrics Ltd - Are You Designing with Technology in Mind
Are You Designing with Technology in Mind
Seminar, by OE Electrics Ltd
How many times have you looked at your phone today? Are you reading this on your laptop? Mobile devices have changed the way we live and the way we work.

This seminar details a variety of device-charging solutions and where to place them within buildings, to ensure clients never experience the stress of a low battery.

OE Electrics is a leading UK manufacturer of power distribution products, including sockets, USB chargers, wireless chargers and more, all proudly manufactured in Wakefield, West Yorkshire.

OE Electrics’ patented USB charger can be replaced or upgraded in minutes, resulting in cost savings and a more circular economy: a real win-win.Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
Legrand Electric Ltd - Digital Revolution: What Can Automation Deliver?
Digital Revolution: What Can Automation Deliver?
An introduction to automation, focussing on entertainment, control, comfort, security and energy-saving functionality. Gain a greater understanding of the rise in popularity of these types of system in terms of function, integration and compatibility, while also learning about how automation can benefit new-builds and refurbishments. Includes specification advice and case study examples.

Legrand is a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures, and has been manufacturing in the UK since 1980.

Around 80% of products sold by the UK subsidiary are manufactured in the UK.

The company is organised into the following specialist business units: cable management, wiring devices, power distribution, assisted living and healthcare, energy controls and digital infrastructures.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
MechoSystems - Internal Solar Shading and Automation
Internal Solar Shading and Automation
Seminar, by MechoSystems
Explains how automated shading solutions can make indoor environments more engaging, leaving occupants happier, healthier and more productive. The benefits of automation go beyond just energy savings and increased natural daylight. Buildings that utilise automation feel different. This seminar covers these points in practical detail, while also exploring the concepts of circadian rhythm, biophilia and allesthesia to help explain why daylight is imperative in good building design.

MechoSystems delivers state-of-the-art solutions for daylight control. Its cutting-edge products enhance the form, feel and functionality of any space. The company is renowned worldwide for its exceptional expertise and commitment to quality – always delivering the right product at the right price. MechoSystems’ 50-year track record makes it an industry leader with an unparalleled range of solutions to suit every location.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
Disano Illuminazione - Lighting in Public Spaces
Lighting in Public Spaces
A seminar designed to encourage greater creativity and sustainable thinking when it comes to lighting public spaces. Examines important issues such as safety and comfort, as well as exploring the exciting design potential of new lighting technologies, such as dynamic lighting and IoT-connected lighting.

Established in 1957, and based in Italy, Disano Illuminazione is one of the top-ranking lighting manufacturers in Europe. Its philosophy is based on producing top quality, reliable products, and to delivering first-class customer service. Disano products satisfy the needs of architects, designers and installers thanks to their refined design, environmental compliance, energy-saving features, and the use of cutting-edge technologies. In addition, Disano offers product selection advice, design consultancy and technical support.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 30-45 minutes