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Roof structures, design and protection

Green and blue roofs, flat and pitched roofs, roofs with rooflights and roofs that convert light – when it comes to roof design the only limit is …well, the sky. The CPD materials featured here perfectly capture that multiplicity. Most seminars are now available online, but this is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest, do click on the link and check.
Freeform Standing Seam Roof Design
Explores the flexibility of standing seam roof systems. Topics covered include the benefits of standing seam roof systems, the difference between 'standard' and 'freeform' standing seam, the critical steps required to take a complex shape from design to reality, and the importance of 3D modelling and how these platforms can be used to the designer's advantage.

BEMO designs and manufactures standing seam and façade systems to help create extraordinary buildings and exceptional roof and façade solutions. Mobile production systems can be deployed anywhere in the world. This significantly cuts down on shipping, reducing emissions. BEMO uses patented manufacturing technologies to create shapes and forms that enable planners and designers to cast off the shackles of convention. When selecting materials, BEMO considers all criteria, including quality, durability and recyclability. Its huge range of materials, finishes and colours allows architects to replicate nature’s great variety in their buildings.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Roof Windows in Modern Construction
Seminar, by Fakro GB Ltd
Examines roof windows in modern construction, addressing why you should incorporate them and the benefits they can bring to a project. Topics covered include the different types of roof windows and their positioning on the roof, safety and security, ventilation and glazing, thermal performance, and flashing kits for roof coverings and flat roof windows.

FAKRO is a world leader in the manufacture and distribution of pitched and flat roof windows, rooflights, sun tunnels, wooden and metal loft ladders, and internal and external accessories. With a technical department based at its UK headquarters in Derbyshire, and a team of specification managers covering the whole country, FAKRO offers total customer support, from design and costing to scheduling and site support.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Single-ply Polyolefin Roofing Membranes
Explores single-ply roofing membranes in general and polyethylene based TPO membranes in detail. Subjects covered include: an overview of the different types of single-ply roofing membrane available, their chemistry and impact on the environment; roofing build-ups, application techniques and wind uplift calculations; the importance of using approved applicators; and, the various guarantee options available.

Koster Aquatecnic offers a comprehensive range of construction chemicals, providing waterproofing and repair solutions for everything from new builds and renovations right up to major civil engineering projects, and from flooded basements to roof repairs. Developed in Germany, all Koster products deliver a high level of reliability and ease of use, while Koster's UK customer support team offers a free in-depth technical consultancy and specification service.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Sustainability and Solar PV: Pitched Roofing Specification
Seminar, by Marley Ltd
An overview of solar panels and their benefits. Includes advice on: the differences between various solar panel systems for roofing applications; the features, benefits and performance of solar panel systems; specifying solar panels and how to add them to projects; and, detailing and installation.

Marley is at the forefront of the roofing industry, with over one hundred years’ roofing expertise and heritage. A UK manufacturer, Marley offers all roofing system elements, including clay and concrete tiles, shingles, shakes, solar panels, roofing accessories and BS 5534-compliant JB Red Battens. Its complete pitched roofing solution comes with an unrivalled 15-year guarantee, offering complete peace of mind.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Understanding the Function and Selection Criteria for Roof Tile Underlays
The primary function of the underlay is aerodynamic, in other words, to act as a wind and air tight barrier. This seminar outlines the composition of roof tile and slate underlay and use, particularly in cold pitched roofs. It also discusses the associated regulatory requirements and relevant standards, and offers practical advice on roofing underlay applications.

Hambleside Danelaw manufactures GRP and injection moulded roofing products in the UK at a state-of-the-art facility in Daventry. Its product range covers three areas: pitched roofing and ventilation, rooflights and cladding, and flat roofing. An environmentally responsible manufacturer, the company works hard to reduce its production waste and carbon footprint through product innovation and sophisticated manufacturing processes.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A