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Live online seminars

Seminars presented via digital interactive platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams are now a commonplace alternative to face-to-face meetings, while video seminars are a quick and easy way to brush up on a subject. Here, we include a selection of both.
Seminar, by Dolphin Solutions
Explores the design and specification of accessible washrooms, including: common issues to watch out for; some of the difficulties accessible washroom users face every day; how to achieve complete compliance without compromising on design; relevant regulations and best practice, including Building Regulations Part M and British Standards; infection risks and how to limit the spread of bacteria; demographics and why accessible facilities will be even more critical in the future; and, issues surrounding the accessible washroom of the future.

From design to delivery, Dolphin offers the complete washroom solution tailored to your exact specifications. Redefining standards of washroom quality, functionality, and sustainability, its innovative range of products exhibit world-class design, exceptional quality and performance, and a sustainability-driven ethos that safeguards the environment. Its constantly evolving range of commercial bathroom supplies and washroom solutions enable intuitive functionality, while saving water, energy, time and space.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Online Learning, by Temmer
An introduction to marble, from the quarrying process to its use in interior and exterior projects. Topics covered include the story of marble, quarrying process, factory processes, quality control and testing, and marble as an environmentally friendly choice.

With over 20 years’ experience, Temmer sources, extracts, finishes and supplies beautiful natural stone products. Temmer's 100,000+ sq ft factory uses the latest technology and constantly invests in fresh quarries to supply projects in the commercial, education, hospitality, retail and residential sectors.

Duration: 25 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by TigerTurf (UK) Ltd
Gain a clearer understanding of how and why you should consider specifying synthetic grass. Includes guidance on: the legislative, environmental, sustainability and construction factors surrounding the installation and maintenance of synthetic grass; and, what it means to specify synthetic grass for a sport or landscape project.

Founded in 2000, the UK division of TigerTurf designs and manufactures artificial turf for sport, landscape and leisure applications, and is a major supplier to the European and Middle Eastern markets. Thanks to an unrivalled investment in product development, TigerTurf utilises innovative manufacturing processes to develop a comprehensive range of artificial turf that meets a variety of performance standards. Its commitment to quality is supported by a network of testing houses and the manufacturer's very own laboratory, which is equipped with the latest in testing equipment. To support its expansive product range, TigerTurf has a network of highly skilled partners in construction and design, each of whom is able to extend the organisation’s industry-leading attention to detail, to the installation and maintenance of its artificial turf products. TigerTurf is a FIFA Licensed Supplier and maintains close affiliations with the FA, World Rugby, RFU, RFL, GAA, and ITF, while also having relevant products approved by FIH through the Preferred Supplier status of its parent company, TenCate.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
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