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Latest CPD materials

Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. These include both new and recently revised, and online and in-person CPD seminars.
Antibacterial Tiles For Long-Lasting Hygiene
New & Available Online
This CPD on Antibacterial Tiles explains what Silver Ion technology is and how it is applied in tile production to offer long lasting hygiene. It reviews the features and applications of antibacterial porcelain tiles with Silver Ion technology, supported by project case studies. It also covers the relevant British Standards for best practice in tiling.
Circularity in the Bathroom and Kitchen with Cradle to Cradle Certified®
Seminar, by GROHE Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an insight into what the circular economy and the cradle to cradle strategy are, and how C2C certified® bathrooms and kitchens can contribute to the circular economy.
Concrete Protection for Car Parks
New & Available Online
This seminar looks at problems caused by corrosion in car parks which are often overlooked. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- How corrosion affects structures in general - discussing different corrosion mechanics
- What car parks are and what makes them unique compared to other structures
- BS EN 1504-2:2004 as the standard that regulates the products and the systems for car park protection
- Crack bridging, slip-skid resistance and abrasion resistance tests, and how they are relevant in terms of car park deck waterproofing
- How to protect car parks, what kinds of systems are available and how they compare against each other
- Some best practice examples

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
EBC Smart Materials for Interior Design
Seminar, by Arpa UK Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD will provide an overview of EBC Smart Materials, their manufacture and how they can be used by designers. By the end of the presentation, you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to recognise a Smart Material versus a standard High Pressure Laminate
- How to understand it's technical properties and how it works
- How Smart Materials can be applied for Interior Design
- How to fabricate the material for Interior Design
Enjoy the Silence
Online Learning, by Hugo Carter
New & Available Online
This webinar explores the issue of noise and the damaging effects of noise pollution on our health and well-being. We discuss materials and processes that are involved in producing noise reduction windows in order to create the quietest spaces in the very noisiest places. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

- Noise pollution
- At what point noise becomes harmful to humans and impacts health
- The difference between standard windows and acoustic windows
- Manufacturing process of noise reduction windows
- Details of what noise reduction windows are available in the market

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
How to Specify Glass for Facades
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an overview of various aspects and regulatory requirements in order to correctly specify glass for facades. You will learn in detail not only about the design considerations like aesthetics and privacy, but also performance indicators like thermal comfort and daylight as well. Safety and security including fire protection, sustainability and energy saving smart technologies are also other important topics discussed in this CPD. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- Which aspects to consider when to specify glass for façades
- Daylight performance, glare, privacy and aesthetic aspects of glass
- Thermal comfort, acoustics, safety and security, and fire resistance with glass
- Smart glass technologies for energy efficient and sustainable buildings
- Norms and regulations for different specification aspects

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
International Standards for Development of Anticorrosive Paint Specifications
Seminar, by Sherwin-Williams
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an overview of the process of standards development relevant to the coatings industry; with a more in depth insight ito ISO 12944 which is the primary international standard for specifying corrosion protection paint systems.
Mapping Your Way to Better Projects (article)
New & Available Online
This article will explain how maps can be an extremely useful tool during every project stage of the RIBA Plan of Works from helping to formulate a design to submitting to the local authorities and prepare reports for site safety, sustainability, and maintenance.
Marmomacc 2021
Other, by Veronafiere
Intended for all architects and companies constantly looking for training opportunities, the course programme Marmomac Academy is entirely dedicated to innovation in the application of natural stone in architecture, construction and industrial design.

For this Marmomac 2021 edition and for celebrating the return in presence of professionals of the stone sector, the Marmomac Talks Areas of the pavilion 2, 7 and 12 have been created to host some of the events. The program is focused on technical and environmental issues, on design and architecture solutions, on quarrying techniques, on start-up creations and on online sales.

The 2021 edition (29 September-2 October) focuses on the appointment with Marmomac Talks, the physical
extension of the virtual meetings seen last May on the Marmomac Plus platform

To ensure a comprehensive training program in compliance with the new safety standards imposed
by the Covid emergency, Marmomac Talks will take place in three areas set up in strategic points in
Halls 2, 7 and 12. This will allow everyone attending the trade fair in person the chance to move
around easily and take part without causing crowds.
Each Marmomac Talks area will be equipped with LED walls and socially distanced seats and will
also be connected in streaming to the other areas to ensure live viewing of the various events
organized during the trade fair.

People unable to take part in the event in person will still be able to watch these events available
through the Events section of the new Marmomac Plus portal - a digital tool created early in 2021
precisely to keep professionals all over the world in touch with participants and initiatives at the
September show attended in person.

Scheduled appointments especially include those with the curators and designers of exhibitions
such as The Italian Stone Theatre - Time in Stone, the experimental projects developed by university
students as part of the Young Stone Project, the Pinnacle Award ceremony and the presentation of
the new Natural Stone Pavilion.

An absolute innovation within the scope of Marmomac Talks is Marmo+Tech, the stage for technologies: a space for dissemination and comparison where technology companies will speak toan audience of technicians, plant managers and product developers to share case histories and best
practices - as well as to outline technical innovations at the service of stone processing companies.

Marmomac Talks is in turn flanked once again this year by training events for selected buyers as part of the incoming project created in collaboration with ICE Trade Agency and Confindustria

Lastly, another forum area planned for the 55th Marmomac will be set up inside the Verona Stone District - a space specifically for companies in the Verona area district
'Off-mains' Wastewater Products for up to 1000PE
New & Available Online
This CPD is an overview of 'Off-mains' drainage for up to 1000PE, the Regulatory Framework around it and the options you have at your disposal to specify in order to manage these 'off-mains' drainage applications.
Reducing carbon: Intumescent coatings and state of the art, sustainable, durable fire protection solutions.
Seminar, by Sherwin-Williams
New & Available Online
This CPD provides a clear explanation of how state of the art software combined with independently verified carbon equivalent data can be used to enable designers to make informed choices in modern construction projects. It provides a definition and introduction to popular green building certification schemes and how coatings can contribute towards achieving points. It also discusses the need for protective coating and passive fire protection technology in sustainable design.
Specifying Outdoor Heating Solutions - Heat Transfer Fundamentals and The Future of Outdoor Heating
Seminar, by Bromic Heating
New & Available Online
Outdoor spaces have become more important than ever. As one of the safest and healthiest places to spend time with family, friends, or colleagues, they are now a key priority for both residential and commercial builds. This CPD session will cover how outdoor heating can bring instant comfort to outdoor spaces and create healthier environments, while still providing people with the comfort of the indoors. You’ll learn how to plan and specify heating solutions for any outdoor space in a functional, affordable, efficient, comfortable, and aesthetically-pleasing way. By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
- The types of outdoor heating solutions available for an outdoor area both in residential and commercial spaces - such as rooftop bars, cafes, restaurants, and other outdoor hospitality al fresco areas
- The difference between outdoor heaters based on heating elements, output, and efficiencies
- The costs of each heating source, in order to provide an approximate costs analysis for each solution
- The legislation requirements for gas and electric outdoor heaters including mounting heights and statutory requirements for installation
- How to illustrate an appropriate heating solution plan that provides optimum usage of an outdoor area

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Step on It: Stairway Safety
This CPD looks at the guidelines for the specification of a safe stairway. The presentation and discussion deals with the subject of how to make commercial, public or shared stairways safe and meet all current building regulation guidelines. The CPD includes:

- What stair nosings are designed to achieve and how to select the right one
- Key Legislation and Industry Standards around stairway design
- How recent BS, BRE and Equality Act (formerly DDA) guidelines affect specifications
- Environmental and Health and Safety considerations
- Examples of best practice with specification examples

The seminar lasts 40-60 minutes. All seminars are part of the RIBA core curriculum syllabus and earn double CPD points for those attending the seminars. To book a CPD seminar call 0161 627 4222, email info@quantumflooring.co.uk or visit www.quantumflooring.co.uk
Stopping The Noise From Tiled Floors Being Heard In Rooms Below
Seminar, by Marmox (UK) Ltd
New & Available Online
This seminar looks at issues associated with noise pollution/transmission through tiled floors between living spaces. It will review methods to resolve this in the context of current Building Regulations and standards.
This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely
The Beauty of Heritage
Seminar, by Johnson Tiles
New & Available Online
This CPD looks at the topic of heritage in relation to beauty. Drawing on a decade of architectural debate, we explore the question of beauty and look at the renewed interest in heritage and craft that has emerged, especially since the pandemic thrust us even further into a digital world. With a focus on clay and ceramics, this CPD delves into the background of the Potteries, a site of historical industrial importance and contemporary influence. We look at ceramics and how they can be used to capture the beauty of today for future generations and discover the modern methods conserving craftsmanship and community that represent heritage now.
The ECO BS 7533 Paving Mortar System - Changing Tomorrow Today
New & Available Online
A detailed look at paving mortar for the public realm in line with BS 7533, how an eco mortar option can lead to a significant reduction in carbon, quantified by trees grown over a 10 year period, or not driving a car calculated in miles not driven. Traffic categories, pavement layers (the build up) & impregnating sealers will also feature.
Using Aluminium Extrusions to Create Sustainable Facades
Seminar, by Longboard Products
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an introduction to extruded aluminium cladding – what it is and its various internal and external applications. It discusses the materials and processes required to make powder coated aluminium cladding - including how it can help minimize environmental impact, increase energy efficiency and help projects earn LEED credits. It also covers health and safety, the powder coating process and finish options, the benefits of wood-like finished aluminium cladding, and installation. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The main attributes of aluminium extrusions
- Health and Safety in respect to manufacturing, powder coating, and installation of aluminium cladding
- How wood-like finished aluminium cladding can enhance buildings and create inclusive and healthy environments
- Fundamentals of aluminium cladding systems including the basics of installation and the various component pieces and applications
- The significance of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
- How aluminium extrusions are manufactured using safe, healthy, and environmentally responsible practices