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Featured CPD

This month’s featured CPD section also embraces the public sector and infrastructure projects theme, but extends beyond that to include our pick of interesting and unusual materials. Many seminars are now available online. This is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
Anti-Slip Shower Tray: The Next Generation
Seminar, by Senstec
Find out what makes a good anti-slip shower tray and the independent tests that it should be capable of passing. This presentation looks at a new generation of anti-slip shower trays and answers some common questions, such as: whether anti-slip properties are an integral part of the shower tray design or an applied coating; whether slip resistance properties have limitations for the life of the shower tray; whether slip resistance values take account of likely contaminants found in the shower tray, such as soap suds; and, the best techniques for a problem-free installation.

SENSTEC anti-slip shower trays put safety and luxury at the heart of each new bathroom. With a large range of colours, shapes and sizes SENSTEC shower trays are compatible with all standard shower enclosures and will fit seamlessly into any new bathroom.
Guide to Specifying Non-fragile Glass in Rooflights
Seminar, by Glazing Vision Ltd
A practical and information-packed seminar that covers (among others): industry statistics and the importance of safety when specifying glass in rooflights; the different rooflight specifications (TN66, TN67 and TN92); and CWCT glass classification, Class 0,1, 2 and 3 and tests for non-fragility (as defined in the Advisory Committee for Roof Safety’s Red Book ACR[M]001).

Glazing Vision is a UK manufacturer and expert in the design, manufacture and supply of engineered, architectural glass rooflights for residential and commercial buildings. The company has invested heavily in new technologies, equipment and expertise, and produces all its rooflight products at its own 65,000 sq ft factory in the heart of England. Since 2009, Glazing Vision has expanded internationally, and now services mainland Europe and the USA. Glazing Vision offers a comprehensive range of rooflights to help bring light, air and space into the home – from simple, fixed rooflights to more complex sliding rooflights and access configurations. As well as stock products, Glazing Vision will custom-build rooflights to order to ensure the perfect fit with any architectural design. These state-of-the-art rooflights are manufactured with a sleek, minimal framework to comply with Building Regulations.

Duration: 45-60 minutes, plus Q&A
Passive Ventilation with Heat Recovery
Seminar, by Ventive
A history of natural ventilation that embraces indoor air quality issues, solutions and challenges, and case studies. Adopt a different perspective on retrofitting ventilation, and a new way to achieve passive airflow design in domestic dwellings.

Ventive was conceived around the importance of fresh air. The company’s founder Tom Lipinski (renowned in the Cleantech and Green Building arenas), had a vision that almost all the air we breathe within the built environment can be introduced comfortably without the need for further power, heating or cooling. This might seem simple, but the idea that good design and solution-driven manufacturing will always win out against the alternative, is core to this innovative company, forming an integral part of the new age of responsible and sustainable construction. Ventive assists its partners in every way to achieve better levels of air quality for their clients.
Specifying Glass Partitions
Seminar, by Optima
A look at specifying glass partitions and doors, and how to choose the right product against a given set of performance requirements. Includes advice on when and how to specify glass partitions, acoustic, fire and structural performance considerations, and the integration of glass partitions with other elements, such as doors.

Optima is one of the world’s leading glass partitioning and doors specialists. Its service offering combines specification, design, manufacture, installation and aftercare – using its own teams of experts. All products are acoustically certified. Optima is proud of its record on sustainability and is an ISO9001-accredited company with ISO14001-compliant products and EPDs.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A