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Stone, brick and marble

Quarrying, fashioning, applying and designing with stone, brick and marble is all covered here. And, as even a quick glance at these CPD titles will show, traditional materials doesn’t necessarily mean traditional outcomes. Most seminars are now available online, but this is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest, do click on the link and check.
Seminar, by Stofix UK ltd
An overview of pre-pointed lightweight brick slip façades. Outlines how systems react to fire and the varied range of certifications needed to meet the requirements of the market and current building legislation.

Established in 1993, Stofix designs and manufactures some of the industry’s most innovative brick slip solutions. Headquartered in Finland, Stofix’s mission is to revolutionise the brick façade market, open up new markets for larger and taller buildings and simplify the construction process by reducing the need for time-consuming onsite pointing.

Duration: 25 minutes, plus Q&A
The versatility and durability of handmade bricks as a building material makes them more relevant than ever. Topics covered include: how bricks were made historically and how they’re made today; the benefits of using handmade bricks in the modern built environment; and, the use of handmade bricks in modern methods of construction and off-site building scenarios.

Six generations of brick making experience have helped place the York Handmade Brick Company at the forefront of development in clay technology and design. Today, the business is still family-run and based near York. As a manufacturer of over four million handmade bricks each year, the company offers an unrivalled choice and inspiring variety of traditional and contemporary bricks.

Duration: 50 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Lundhs AS
Explores a wide range of natural stone types, including limestone, travertine, onyx, marble, serpentine, sandstone, slate, quartzite and granite. Topics covered include the various types of natural stone available and their properties, common quarrying techniques and production processes, stone finishing methods, quality control and testing, and common applications.

Lundhs real stone is a selection of high quality natural stones originating from Norway and Finland. The materials are durable, distinctive and 100% natural – an excellent choice for interior and exterior use. Lundhs real stone materials are suitable for a variety of project types, including commercial, residential and public applications, and are an excellent alternative to artificial materials.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Article, by Ibstock Brick Ltd
Projecting and recessed brickwork design can provide additional interest and texture in buildings and free-standing walls. Although it isn’t a new concept, unique contemporary brick aesthetics are being achieved using these techniques. This article examines the subject in some depth.

Ibstock Brick is a leading UK manufacturer of clay bricks. With 21 brickworks and a network of 23 active quarries it has the largest production capacity in the UK, producing more than 850 million bricks each year.

Number of pages: five
Includes advice on the sustainability of clay bricks, how to shortlist suitable bricks for use in specific areas, how mortar colour and joint choices can change the overall appearance of a project, the importance of movement joints and what materials to use with them, and different bond patterns and the use of special shaped bricks to produce greater visual impact.

Michelmersh Brick Holdings embodies the best in clay tradition. Producing over 120 million hand and machine-made bricks and pavers each year, the group represents seven of the most recognised premium brick brands in the UK and Europe. Using modernised production methods Michelmersh guarantees high quality with a low ecological footprint.

Duration: 45-60 minutes, plus Q&A
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