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The CPD materials featured below are the most recent to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised CPD materials.
This CPD give a brief introduction into the discipline of ergonomics, with a specific focus on Workplace Ergonomics. It provides an overview of the current health issues in the global workplace and insight into the cost-benefits of running a successful ergonomics program. The legal aspects of workstation design are explored, before finally running through the optimal setup of various workplace DSE workstations.
Online Learning, by KP Acoustics Research Labs Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD looks at the fundamentals of acoustic failure - the failure to achieve acoustic design or regulatory parameters. It examines the key types of acoustic failure - failures in planning, in deign or in workmanship, and then goes on to look at examples of different types of acoustic failure. The main focus is on failure in sound insulation performance as this is the primary regulatory failure at pre-completion testing or commissioning.
Factory Visit, by RYNO
Participants are to be empowered to go beyond compliance when considering safe building design; by demonstrating an understanding of materials and their properties; and the legislation around fire regulations for balconies and terraces.

By the end of this course/workshop/tour participants will be able to:

Understand the difference between the fire ratings for a balcony and a terrace and how to apply them.
Understand the process for overcoming wind uplift to futureproof their design.
Identify compliant material finishes.
Seminar, by Dyson
This seminar looks at indoor air quality and the impacts of air pollution. It's easy to take the air we breathe for granted. However, the quality of the air around us has a profound impact on our health, our environment, and even our economy. This presentation provides an overview of the sources of air pollution, the effects it can have on our health, and some steps we can take to reduce our impact on the air we share.
- The Impact of Air Quality on Health.
- The causes and components of Air Pollution.
- How to monitor air quality and why it's important, especially indoors.
- Methods of removing toxic air and pollutants.
- The importance of clean air and the role we can all play in purifying the air we breathe
Factory Visit, by House of Rohl
Factory tour of House of Rohl brass foundry in Wolverhampton
Online Learning, by Forterra Building Products
New & Available Online
The understanding and application of the general principles of masonry specification and workmanship on site is key to successful outcomes on any project. The CPD aims to equip the architect audience with an overview of brick types, finishes and properties in a contextual overview of BS 771-1. It then leads to a grounding in site best practice and avoidance of potential future defects/problems.
- The correct brick for the buildings geographic location, brick position within the structure and architectural detailing that may be required within the masonry façade
- The relationship between clay type, manufacturing technique and its impact on the technical properties of clay masonry
- BS EN 771-1
- How to promote “best practice” when constructing clay masonry on site and have the ability to stop “bad practice” before problems arise or costs are incurred
- The key characteristics of clay masonry and its properties
The design of flat roofs is critical to prevent water ingress. Tapered insulation is designed to provide the desired thermal performance as well as create a fall. This ensures adequate drainage to prevent ponding of water.

This seminar covers:
-Understand what tapered insulation is
-Understand what insulation materials can be used to create a tapered roof system
-Learn about how to draw a scheme
-Learn about how on site support can assist
-Look at design considerations

This presentation looks at the the design and manufacture of single layer tapered roof insulation systems and provides insights in to understanding how to draw a scheme and what on site support can be expected. It also looks at design considerations and relevant regulations and approvals.
Seminar, by NEOLITH UK Ltd
New & Available Online
Understand the manufacturing process of Sintered Stone and the suitability of the product for building applications through specification.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- the manufacturing process of Sintered Stone
- differentiating Sintered Stone from other solid surfaces by identifying the unique technical characteristics and beneficial properties
- the sustainable attributes of Sintered Stone
- specifying Sintered Stone confidently for a wide range of applications
Seminar, by Cellecta Ltd
Soundproofing Solutions

A look at the theory of acoustics covering sound proofing and compliance with Part E/ section 5 Building Regulations made simple with Sound Proofing Solutions CPD.
Includes methods of compliance, pre-completion testing, robust details, new build, refurbishment and conversion projects.
Topics covered include:
• The legislation and regulations that are covered under Part E of Building Regulations
• How to comply and adhere to these utilising Pre-completion testing and Robust Detail applications
• Implementation of acoustic principles in both design and on site, to ensure compliance
• Suitable Solutions for floors, walls and ceilings
Seminar, by Polyflor Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD reviews all the key considerations for the specification of luxury vinyl floor coverings such as key product features and applications, technical and environmental credentials, compliance considerations and installation and maintenance.

By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The construction of LVT and functions of different layers
- The key features of LVT and its wide range of applications
- The key standards and compliance considerations
- The environmental credentials of LVT and its impact on wellbeing
- Installation and maintenance considerations
New & Available Online
This seminar is intended to educate the delegates in the correct identification and preparation of substrates ready to receive the application of bonded floor coverings, with an emphasis on preparation techniques, moisture mitigation and the specification of appropriate sub-floor preparation products available on the market to ensure an installation that passes the test of time.
New & Available Online
This CPD seminar will give you a deep dive into how mobile working practices have been shaped over the past few years, and how we predict some trends to become permanent as we look forward, towards the workplace of the future.

We then highlight the risks associated with these changes to working styles and suggest controls to mitigate these. Finally, we will look at the benefits that flexible, mobile working brings to individuals and organizations.
Seminar, by VMZINC UK
New & Available Online
This CPD will discuss zinc as a building envelope. It aims to give specifiers an insight into the history, production and sustainability of zinc roofing and cladding. Not only are aesthetics and systems discussed but also substrate, backing frames and detailing questions answered. Finally, the presentation offers information on certification, procurement, budgets and contractors able to correctly install the specified systems. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Performance, certification and installation
- What aesthetics are available
- Which systems should be used for which applications
- How to get the substrate right
- The basics of detailing
- Cost and who should fit zinc roofs and walls

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
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