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Live online seminars

Video presentations and live seminars presented via digital platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams are now a commonplace alternative to face-to-face meetings. Here is just a small selection of what’s on offer at ribacpd.com. For an even greater choice, click on the search bar above.
Antibacterial Tiles For Long-Lasting Hygiene
Online Learning, by Casa Ceramica Tile Co
Reviews the features, advantages and applications of antibacterial porcelain tiles with silver ion technology, supported by project case studies. What is silver ion technology and how is it applied in tile production to offer long lasting hygiene? This seminar will answer that question, as well as covering relevant British standards for best practice in tiling.

With a stunning 6,000 sq ft award-winning showroom in Manchester, Casa Ceramica Tile offers the very latest in tile trends and technologies. Its catalogue of more than 6,000 tiles (all available through its website) ensure that your creative options remain limitless. A true Northern brand, with a 30-year track record, Casa Ceramica Tile prides itself on standing out from the crowd. Its core values are aspiration, innovation and dedication.

Duration: 35 minutes
Electric Locking for Fire and Escape Doors
Online Learning, by Abloy UK
An in-depth guide to electric locking for fire and escape doors. Topics covered include Building Regulations, legislation, best practice and standards. Also discusses the traditional requirements for escape and panic doors (as defined in BS EN 179 for emergency and BS EN 1125 for panic escape hardware) and the newly published BS EN 13637 standard for electrically controlled escape doors.

A seminar that will help anyone working on building fire and escape strategies.

Abloy UK is a leading UK expert on high quality door locking and functionality. Its product range includes electric locking, cylinder, padlocks, door operators and more. Together, its solutions provide secure, compliant and lasting answers, trusted by organisations throughout the world and across all industries – wherever compromise is not an option.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Riser Shafts - How to Avoid Failure
Video, by Ambar Kelly Ltd
A look at riser shafts, the challenges they pose, and the importance of eliminating risk through design. Includes a discussion on the worst shaft fire in living memory to address whether the construction industry is heeding the lessons to be learned from this. Also explores the areas the industry must focus on to ensure that risk is eliminated at the every earliest stages of a project. Includes useful information on: the products and materials used in a riser shaft (chimney environments) and how to select the right ones; and, where responsibility for designing riser shafts lies, and the need to design out risk rather than control risks created by design.

Ambar Kelly produces bespoke modular flooring systems for riser shafts in multi-storey buildings. These can easily be installed on site by the construction supply chain. Each unit is specifically manufactured to accommodate vertical routing of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) services that feed the building. These shafts start as a series of holes in each floor, sitting one above another on every storey. Once enclosed by walls, the holes are now connected to form a shaft. The system is an elegantly simple concept: a steel box with a floor plate atop, permanently forming and covering the hole, preventing fall from height and fire spread during construction and throughout the building’s life.

Duration: 40 minutes
Specifying Safer Industrial Workplaces: Protecting People and Assets in the New Industrial Landscape
Online Learning, by Brandsafe
With distribution and logistics centres coming under pressure from increased demand, it’s important that the buildings housing them and their occupants are properly protected. This seminar examines key considerations when specifying safe and efficient industrial workplaces. It includes guidance on: current and future trends in distribution and logistics; factors to consider when specifying industrial safety products; how to protect people and assets; safety products and solutions; and, factors to bear in mind when choosing systems and suppliers.

Brandsafe specialises in bespoke designed impact protection systems and solutions for distribution centres, warehouses, manufacturing and production facilities. Its innovative product range combines the high visibility and versatility of polymer with the inherent strength and cost-effectiveness of steel.

Brandsafe is part of the IWS Group, and prides itself on its unparralled project and consulting expertise, which provides an unrivalled solution for companies who put safety first.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Understanding The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 & its implication for fire doors
Online Learning, by Lorient
This presentation includes a brief introduction to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, before examining who is responsible for compliance, the dangers of fire and smoke, some real-life fire door examples and low cost solutions.

Lorient manufactures sealing systems for door assemblies, embracing acoustic insulation, smoke control, fire protection and weather exclusion. The company also manufactures a complementary range of fire resistant glazing systems for doors, screens and partitions, together with fire and smoke resistant dampers/air transfer grilles for doors, walls and ducts. Product ranges include architectural seals, threshold plate ramps, and drop, brush, compression, magnetic, perimeter, door-bottom, meeting-stile, flush-bolt and drop seals, finger guards, fire resistant air transfer grilles, smoke containment air transfer grilles, fire resistant door hardware and glazing systems, acoustic, smoke and fire seals.

Lorient is part of ASSA ABLOY.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A