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Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised, and online and in-person CPD seminars.
Online Learning, by AluK (GB) Ltd
New & Available Online
Aluminium Curtain Wall Design: A Technical Guide to meeting regulatory requirements
covers the technical and legislative considerations needed when designing and specifying Aluminium Curtain Walling. Through the use of a 'System design tree', specifiers can ensure the best procedures are followed for well-planned, accurate design, detailing and specification of the right glazing systems is critical to the delivery of sustainable, cost-effective and robust results - from design to manufacture to installation. It discusses the key legislation and standards that need to be followed in a systematic manner with reference to upcoming changes to building legislation, especially regarding safety, fire and thermal performance. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Gain an understanding of the history of glazing system technology and the various system aspects
- Establish a rational and systematic approach to working with ACW within legislative frameworks
- To have a clearer understanding of the various pros and cons of different curtain walling system types: which to use and when
- An introduction to the rules and building regulations that affect curtain walling, as well as gaining knowledge of when to start considering the technical aspects within the project timeline
- To know about the sustainable properties of aluminium, from end to end, and understand the role it plays in sustainable building
Online Learning, by A Proctor Group Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD gives an overview of the the factors to consider in refurbishment and conservation projects, including the basics of building physics as related to hygrothermal design. It also provides on overview of the standards, regulations and frameworks involved in designing for retrofit and conservation. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The retrofit and conservation considerations
- Knowledge of hygrothermal material properties and good design practice
- Introduction to hygrothermal assessment standards
- Introduction to PAS 2035 design framework
- Reducing condensation risks in pitched roof refurbishment
Online Learning, by Signbox Ltd
New & Available Online
Digital signage is about environments, productivity and being connected in the workplace.
Understanding the benefits will allow the digital strategy to be most effectively deployed and in some cases be built into the design rather than being an afterthought or enhancement?
Creating a digital signage and wayfinding strategy that fits into the story of a building and improves the overall experience for visitors and employees.
Seminar, by Euroclad Group Ltd
There are many choices when it comes to the selection of metal standing seam building envelopes and this CPD will guide you through the impacts those choices can have on how your project meets the performance and compliance challenges facing the modern built environment as well help you to better understand how standing seam metal products and systems can enhance your next residential or commercial project.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- What standing seam metal products are
- The Building Regulations and Approved Documents that are relevant to standing seam metal products
- How to specify standing seam metal products to meet the objectives of areas such as : Thermal efficiency & moisture control, Acoustic, structural, & fire performance, appearance and durability
- The reason why, if standing seam metal envelope products are chosen carefully, they can help to ensure that buildings will be easier to construct, sustainable and built to last
-The challenges in the construction sector and how best to navigate them with regard to standing seam metal products
Online Learning, by Aluprof UK
New & Available Online
Fire has become an important and relevant topic in recent times. This CPD provides a technical overview of the following criteria when considering the design of internal and external glazing systems used for fire protection of a building, its surroundings, and its occupants:

-- Fire protection methods
-- Classification: fire and smoke
-- Standards and regulations relating to fire
-- Testing and certification of fire protection glazing systems
-- Material options
-- Installation
Online Learning, by Unilin Insulation UK Limited
New & Available Online The presentation aims to provide an overview of the new Part L 2021 edition and the proposed future homes standard performance requirements. There is also an introduction to the RIBA Climate Challenge 2030 and an outline of the target criteria including embodied carbon. Also contained in the presentation are details on worked examples of embodied carbon for 4 dwelling types which were independently assessed by XCO2 which Xtratherm commissioned using Xtratherm's products and associated EPDs. The presentation aims to inform attendees about the process and conventions involved in a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The recent Govt announcements on the Part L 2021 and the proposed Future Homes Standard
- An introduction to embodied carbon as a metric - Future regulations
- The principles of the RIBA Climate Challenge 2030
- What an EPD IS and what role it has in calculating embodied carbon
-The assessment of embodied carbon on 4 dwelling types commissioned by Xtratherm
Online Learning, by Ronacrete Ltd
New & Available Online
Synthetic resin flooring comes in many forms with each providing different performance characteristics. Specifying these products can be a simple process but you will require a detailed understanding and knowledge of the resin flooring industry including different flooring types as per the British Standards, the performance requirements of the client, and the correct installation and preparation of the sub base.
Online Learning, by ANS Group Global
New & Available Online
A consolidated view of the results of integrating green infrastructure for the environment, economy and society, backed by data and case studies. From the roofs to the walls and perimeters of buildings, let's look at the opportunities for greening even in the more complex scenarios. We'll discuss how greening systems can be designed for varying purposes such as biodiversity, biophilia or air quality, and find out how design influences whether you meet environmental regulations such as BNG or UGF. By the end of the session, you'll understand and be able to apply the principles underlying a long-lasting environmental asset.
Online Learning, by Orangebox Ltd
New & Available Online
Orangebox’s Research & Insight team have published a guide to navigating, interpreting, and re-imagining the changing landscape of the workplace. A workplace that has changed more dramatically than it has ever done in our careers to date.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- What the principles of ‘Relationship Buildings’ are and their benefits to business
- The impact and competitive advantage of designing with wellness
- How to apply new furniture typologies that will foster a healthy and productive workplace
- How to use ergonomics as a predictive tool to help anticipate and plan for healthier spaces.
Seminar, by Optima
A guide for the Scottish architectural community to the key performance criteria when specifying glazed partition systems. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The distinction between different forms of glazed partition and where they might be specified
- Appreciation of how performance claims are made
- How to specify in the knowledge that building regulations can be satisfied
Seminar, by Modulyss
This CPD explains circularity and how we can reduce our impact on the natural environment, protecting our planet for
future generations through the specification of sustainable products in construction. We explain the principles of the
circular economy.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- What Circularity Means
- How to measure it
- How soft flooring products can contribute to circularity
- How to distinguish circular products from the average
- How we expect the transition towards a circular economy to evolve in the future | Lexicon
Upcycled fibreboard: 100% waste fibre with no added VOCs” describes the nature of this fairly new product which offers great value in improving sustainability standards of architectural projects. From this seminar you will learn the advantages of the material compared to traditional fibreboards, and most crucially, about the applied circular economy principles integrated into the manufacturing, use and end-of-cycle solutions of the product. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Learning all the characteristics and properties of the upcycled fibreboards
- Confidently specify upcycled fibreboards for upcoming projects
- Implement best practices when using upcycled fibreboards
- Understand different types of applications for upcycled fibreboards and how they are processed and installed
- Increase the sustainable profile of your architectural projects
Online Learning, by Newton Waterproofing Systems
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an overview of the modern methods that are available for protecting below ground structures from water, including: an explanation of the updates that have been made as part of the new 2022 version of the British Standard for waterproofing, BS 8102; the different forms of structural waterproofing systems in the market and how to achieve the environmental grades outlined within British Standard 8102:2022; and a focus on how combination waterproofing systems are specified in below-ground structures in order to achieve the desired environment.
Seminar, by Rada
Water scarcity is a global issue, with demands increasing as populations grow and the effects of climate change threatening supplies. Commercial buildings present a huge opportunity for significant water and energy savings. When it comes to washrooms, water controls can make a huge contribution. This seminar will explore the water and energy consumption challenges facing commercial buildings, the role of water controls in improving efficiencies and the washroom design considerations that can make significant efficiency gains.
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