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Not all materials featured here match our theme (though many do), but we found them interesting and so included them regardless! Most seminars are now available online but this is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest to you, do click on the link and check.
A Journey through Specifying Fires
Seminar, by DRU Fires
Explores the fire options available and advantages and disadvantages of each, design ideas, and relevant regulations and standards.

DRU produces gas, electric and wood fires, and stoves. All models are distributed by fireplace retailers throughout the UK. DRU gas fires include hole-in-the-wall models, two- and three-sided models, gas stoves and tunnel fires. There’s a choice of interior finishes and some have tailor-made fire surrounds and frames. DRU gas fires embrace innovative new technology, including control via app. Most are Ecodesign ready with A energy labels.

Duration: 15 minutes
Design and Specification: A Journey to Fire Resistant Glazing
Seminar, by OAG Limited
Examines the design and specification of fire glazed barriers, including: fire ratings and glass types used for fire resistant glazing; relevant British (BS) and European (EN) standards and CE markings for fire glazed doors and screens (and the differences between them); Building Regulations covering fire glazed doors and screens; and, fire test data and assessment reports.

Thanks to its work on some of the UK’s most impressive structures, the name OAG has become synonymous with stunning architectural glass. OAG is passionate about delivering striking solutions that leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees them.
Everything You Need to Know About Fire Safety and Façade Cladding
Seminar, by Rockpanel
Includes an overview of the terminology used in fire safety and façade applications, before examining test standards, high rise and high-risk buildings, UK fire safety regulations, façade cladding types and ventilated façades. Also includes advice on: building types that may need extra attention due to usage, occupants or dimensions; how different cladding types are produced, what raw materials they use, and what this means with regard to their reaction to fire performance; ventilated façade construction and all its components; and, the benefits of stone wool cladding boards.

Rockpanel manufactures board material made from the volcanic rock basalt for exterior façades, roof edge finishing and other detailing. Because of its core material, Rockpanel boards can withstand high temperatures and are classified as limited combustible: European fire class A2-s1,d0. The result is a non-combustable façade cladding that doesn’t compromise or limit design. Indeed, all designs are available both as standard and as customised options to match any colour or design.

Rockpanel is part of the ROCKWOOL Group – a world leader in stone wool solutions.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A
Rainscreen Cladding Systems
A seminar about the principles and advantages of rainscreen cladding. Covers design and specification considerations, the different cladding types available, project-specific calculations (including identifying and specifying the correct support systems), and environmental factors and ratings.

SFS is one of the world's leading manufacturers of carbon and stainless steel fastener components for the building envelope. It also produces innovative rainscreen sub-frame systems, high performance door hinges and award-winning fall protection systems. SFS is a Swiss-headquartered company with annual sales in excess of £1.5bn. It has a UK base in Leeds and offices in Welwyn Garden City.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
Reinventing Radiant Surfaces
Introduces the concept of radiant heat transfer and radiant panel technology as an energy efficient and comfortable means of heating and cooling buildings. Includes useful technical background information on the benefits of radiant heating and cooling, as well as discussing the different aesthetic solutions available for radiant panels, including metal, textile and special finishing. These options are then presented alongside their various technical benefits.

PARC's mission is to enable forward-thinking designers to achieve their vision by delivering innovative, beautiful ceiling systems that are easy to specify, order, install and maintain. PARC is experienced in complex integration projects and works directly with building owners and design teams to find and deliver the best solution for each project.

PARC is a member of the Price organisation. Incorporated in Canada in 1949, Price is the supplier of preference for air distribution and HVAC products in North America.

Duration: 40 minutes, plus Q&A