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Live online seminars

With digital interactive platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams replacing face-to-face meetings due to ongoing lockdown restrictions, we’ve included a selection of live online seminars here, to help you stay safe.
LPG Off-grid Gas Supply
Online Learning, by Calor Gas Ltd
Examines where LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) may be installed as an alternative to oil, factors that affect their use, environmental benefits and financial incentives. Also addresses factors such as metered LPG supplies to housing developments, relevant legislation and codes of practice, and LNG as an off-grid energy solution for large industrial customers.

Founded in 1935, Calor offers all the benefits of mains gas to businesses and homeowners where mains gas is not available. Calor is one of the UK's leading suppliers of LPG. It combines more than eight decades of specialist expertise with an impressive customer support infrastructure to operate the only nationwide LPG distribution network. This includes one of the UK’s largest LPG storage facilities and 16 strategically positioned bulk distribution depots, with 11,000 cylinder stockists available. This means that wherever in the UK customers are based, security of supply is assured.

Duration: 25 minutes
Multi Functional Space
An introduction to alternative methods of sub-dividing spaces, covering: design, features and benefits, fixing methods, building interfaces, acoustic performance, acoustic meanings, examples of acoustic certification and what to be aware of, and health and safety issues. The presentation includes several case study examples.

Style is a national company with five UK regional offices. It specialises in sliding, folding, acoustic and glazed partition systems. Style is the UK distributor for several leading door brands and has a Central London showroom where the quality and performance of its products may be experienced first-hand.

Duration: 45 minutes, plus Q&A
The Why and How of Entrance Matting Innovation
Online Learning, by INTRAsystems
Learn how to specify barrier matting without compromising design. This seminar covers: entrance matting functions and benefits; types of entrance matting; entrance matting legislation; performance ratings and lifecycle; and, design options and new innovations.
Stop press: live online seminar available Monday 15 March 12-1pm. Book now: https://cpd150321.eventbrite.co.uk

INTRAsystems has been supplying discerning architects and interior designers with the highest quality entrance matting, architectural grilles and creative ceiling products for over 35 years. This family-run business manufactures all products in-house in Hampshire and ships them worldwide. INTRAsystems doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solutions. Your designs are unique, so why shouldn’t your materials be, too? INTRAsystems provides bespoke solutions so that you never have to compromise on design.

Duration: 45 minutes plus Q&A
Understanding and Specifying Invisible Sound Solutions
Online Learning, by Amina Technologies Ltd
Explores the options available to architects and interior designers wanting to include sound sources into their projects, whether for entertainment, ambience, education or safety reasons. Discusses the properties and benefits of DML (Distributed Mode Loudspeakers), how invisible sound solutions can be created with zero visual impact, sound reproduction and how the listening experience is impacted by the presence, or otherwise, of different parts of the frequency spectrum, speaker requirements for different applications including 3D sound, and options for fire barriers and voice evacuation where required.

Amina designs and manufactures invisible loudspeakers at its base in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. Ideal for both modern, minimalist designs (where audio clutter can ruin the aesthetic) and historic buildings (where an authentic look and feel can be combined with modern AV requirements), Amina systems are also used in high-end residential dwellings and commercial premises.

Duration: 45-50 minutes
Wireless Lighting Controls - An Introduction
Online Learning, by 299 Lighting
With the changes in the latest British Council for Offices’ Guide to Lighting and the office market moving towards more ‘appearance driven’ schemes, we can safely say that contemporary workplace lighting is calling for new technologies, better use of daylight, responsible energy consumption and user satisfaction. This seminar looks at how to design good lighting schemes to suit the common types of commercial developments in the UK. Topics discussed include cracking the jargon around LED lighting, recent changes to guidelines and their implications, how to design office lighting for a great CAT A scheme, how to create layers of light for an exciting CAT B scheme, and how to specify the right product for your design concept.

With a strong track record in lighting design and supply for commercial and architectural spaces, 299 Lighting brings experience, confidence and competence to every commercial lighting project it’s involved with. From office lighting using the latest LED technology to bespoke architectural lighting, 299 balances aesthetics with functionality to create beautiful spaces. 299 works with architects, consultants and designers to realise their technical and creative vision and to turn even the most complex lighting projects into reality.

Duration: 50-55 minutes