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The following CPD materials have been assessed and approved by the RIBA.
Arjo UK Ltd - Designing Overhead Ceiling Track Systems
Designing Overhead Ceiling Track Systems
Seminar, by Arjo UK Ltd
Examines the different types of ceiling lifts available and identifies the reasons why lifts are specified. User needs and different track layouts are then discussed, including the advantages and disadvantages of each, before examining other options and the most common fixing and installation methods.
Arjo is a global supplier of medical devices, services and solutions that improve quality of life for people with reduced mobility and age-related health challenges. Arjo creates value by improving clinical outcomes for patients and enabling a better work environment for healthcare professionals. It thereby contributes to a sustainable healthcare system – always with people in mind.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 40 minutes
BIPVco Limited - Integration of Solar Systems into the Building Envelope
Integration of Solar Systems into the Building Envelope
Seminar, by BIPVco Limited
An introduction to the use of solar technologies within the building envelope. The seminar starts by looking at different cell technologies and describing the strengths and weaknesses of each. It then examines how to retrofit solar onto a building and how to integrate the technology into the building envelope. A case study example is included.
BIPVco Ltd is a UK-based solar photovoltaic module manufacturer that specialises in the use of CIGS (copper indium gallium selenide) technologies for the building envelope. BIPVco uses CIGS technology, thin-film solar cells to convert sunlight to energy. These differ from traditional crystalline-based building-applied photovoltaic (BAPV) systems, which use heavier, bulkier solar photovoltaic panels mounted on roofs or other spaces following building construction.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes
James Mossman Ltd - Making Brick Work
Making Brick Work
Seminar, by James Mossman Ltd
Examines the use of a traditional material, but in a modern context. Covers: the aesthetics of brickwork; different manufacturing processes; colour, texture and design detailing using brickwork; different bond patterns; technical properties, and; basic aspects of correct workmanship.
James Mossman’s offices are in Leicestershire, although it operates nationwide, developing links with architects, developers and contractors. As a brick factor, James Mossman offers a complete range of facing bricks to suit all budget and aesthetic requirements. It also advises on product selection and appropriate applications. The company has a unique mobile sampling service and represents a vital link between manufacturer, supply chain and site.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 40 minutes
Roca Ltd - Specifying Water Efficient Design for the Hotel Industry
Specifying Water Efficient Design for the Hotel Industry
Seminar, by Roca Ltd
There are strong environmental reasons for incorporating water efficient design into hotels, but does it make sense from a business perspective? This CPD seminar looks at the issue of global water scarcity and its impact on the hotel industry, identifying strategies and processes required to achieve a holistic approach to water management.
As a designer and manufacturer of everything bathroom related since 1917, Roca has been a pioneer in tackling issues surrounding sustainability, design and technology from the start. Today it remains at the forefront of those fields. Roca products are now sold in more than 170 countries, are made in more than 76 manufacturing plants, and are the product of more than 20,000 employees’ efforts, dedication and commitment to customer service. After one hundred years Roca still proudly proclaims itself a family business.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 40 minutes
Boyco (UK) Ltd - Sustainable Tidy Design
Sustainable Tidy Design
Seminar, by Boyco (UK) Ltd
Designed to introduce the architect to hot-dip-nylon and anti-microbial lacquer FF&E coatings and to explore the cost and space saving benefits of using teacher wall storage units within the education sector.
BOYCO believes that students perform better within vibrant and engaging teaching spaces. As a leader in FF&E, it recognises that to improve people’s lives one has to understand what matters to them. This insight drives BOYCO’s innovation process and determination to create products that are built to last and deliver real value.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 30 minutes
Swedish Wood - Timber: The Building Material of the Future
Timber: The Building Material of the Future
Online Learning, by Swedish Wood
Information and inspiration to help you get the best from this most sustainable building material, delivered in three sections that mirror RIBA Work Stages 0, 1 and 2.
Swedish Wood is the promotional arm of the Swedish Forest Industries Association. Sweden has a long tradition of building with wood and a highly developed wood science. It is also the biggest exporter of high-quality timber to the UK.
Wood Campus is Swedish Wood’s information portal in the UK.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 40 minutes
Thomann-Hanry® - Understanding Dry Non-abrasive Facade Cleaning
Understanding Dry Non-abrasive Facade Cleaning
Seminar, by Thomann-Hanry®
An in-depth look at dry, non-abrasive façade cleaning and how it compares to other, more traditional processes. This seminar assesses the benefits and drawbacks of alternative methods, including issues such as access, water and waste containment, as well as how these processes may impact on building occupants and passers-by. It then examines factors such as speed, sustainability and value for money, enabling decision makers to make fully informed and appropriate choices for future building restoration projects. Architects and architectural technologists can greatly benefit from this seminar, especially when dealing with historic buildings.
Thomann-Hanry® cleans and restores building façades without the need for costly and unsightly scaffolding. It is a main contractor for external façade cleaning and restoration using a patented dry, chemical free, non-abrasive system that also removes pollutants without adversely affecting the patina – thereby preserving the character of the stone.
Thomann-Hanry® carries out all elements of façade restoration work with minimal disruption, from façade surveying and painting to new stonework and roofing, all completed without scaffolding.
Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 30-45 minutes