RIBA CPD Showcase

Safety at home and work

Features ‘Specifying the correct loading bay’, ‘Promoting effective disinfection within healthcare facilities’, ‘EN 13637 escape door systems’, and ‘Designing for neurodiversity’. Most seminars are now available online, but this is not always shown here so, if a seminar is of interest, do click on the link and check.
Online Learning, by Altro
Around 35% of the UK population is thought to be neurodiverse, meaning that their brains function, learn and process information differently. This seminar outlines of what neurodiversity is, and demonstrates the importance of designing spaces that take into consideration the needs of people who are neurodiverse. It also details relevant legislation, standards and guidance.

Altro produces high-quality flooring products and wall claddings for a variety of sectors. Its extensive portfolio includes hard-wearing and hygienic products that are ideal for commercial kitchens, as well as easy-to-apply safety solutions for transport.

Duration: one hour, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Abloy UK
Introduces the concept of electrically controlled escape doors for security and safety and explains the regulatory and best practice requirements for the safe electrical blocking of escape route doors.

Abloy UK (part of Assa Abloy) is one of the UK’s leading experts in high quality door locking and functionality. Its product range includes electric locks, cylinders, padlocks, door operators and more. Together, they offer secure, compliant and lasting solutions, trusted by organisations throughout the world.

Duration: 45-60 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Arjo UK Ltd
Discusses the risks associated with poor infection control routines and how a well-organised and efficiently-run sluice room can reduce the spread of infections and safeguard vulnerable residents.

Empowering movement within healthcare environments is essential to providing quality care. As a leading expert in this field, Arjo’s mission is to support people with the right environment, skills and equipment for empowering movement. For over 60 years Arjo has worked in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, giving them a unique understanding of these everyday challenges.

Duration: 40-45 minutes, plus Q&A
Seminar, by Hörmann (UK) Ltd
A technical guide to specifying the correct loading bay solution for your project. Covers key aspects of loading bay design and specification (including safety requirements and standards), to satisfy the needs of both builder and client.

Hörmann is a recognised market leader in the garage door, industrial door and loading bay sectors. Dedicated to providing integrated solutions, Hörmann designs and engineers all its products with superb attention to detail and an eye for customer service that matches its class leading products
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