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Latest CPD materials

Here are the latest CPD materials to have been assessed and approved by the RIBA. They include both new and recently revised, and online and in-person CPD seminars.
3D Surveys; Suitable for project delivery
Online Learning, by DDC Solutions
New & Available Online
This CPD will illustrate the key elements that makes for a sound 3D Survey, suitable for project delivery, the needs and requirements of the project team and basic compliance to ISO 19650. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Why and how the 3D surveys is a key source of information
- How a 3D survey is produced
- How to plan for the use of your 3D survey
- Simple methodology to ensure all your needs and requirements are met
Adaptive Smart Glass
Smart Glass technology for light control and energy saving in architectural applications. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Essential factors to be considered when choosing the right smart glass technology
- Smart glass technology can be cost effective and more affordable
- What is color neutral and color lightness, and why these are important
- Smart glass can be in many colours beside black and white.
Asphalt - Focus on Sustainability
Seminar, by CEMEX UK
Specifying Sustainably aims to tackle the key issues facing specifiers who aim to accomplish their sustainability goal while continuing to specify safely and effectively. The presentation will cover the current conversation, the various initiatives from the industry that aim to tackle climate change, and the technologies available within asphalt materials that are designed specifically to aid these goals.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Specify more sustainable asphalt
- ? Identify relevant opportunities for using alternative materials to meet sustainability objectives
- ? To be confident discussing and comparing advantages/disadvantages of differing concrete components
- To be able to interrogate relevant standards for further detailed guidance
- Raise awareness of developing technologies
Building Envelope Fire Safety 01 : Reaction to Fire
New & Available Online
Anyone involved in Façade Fire Safety often hears a number of different Fire Test Methods. Using them correctly is critical to designing, implementation and maintenance of the fire safety of the Building Envelopes. While these are often grouped under ""reaction to fire testing"", the properties of Ignitability, Combustibility, Flame Spread & Smoke Index are often quantified using different test methods.

This CPD aims to explain ""reaction to fire"" as a basic concept and how to view various materials through the eyes of a bunch of different test methods. The CPD also explains various European and American Test methods used to quantify the same properties and how to use these tests.

This CPD forms the fundamentals for the second part of the series which explains Fire Propagation testing.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Reaction to Fire tests for Façade Fire Safety
- The difference between and relationship between Ignitability, Combustibility, Flame Spread & Smoke Index
- European and American Test methods used for reporting the reaction to fire properties
- How to use and (not use) the test results and reports
Designing accessible bathrooms in non-residential buildings - Overview of Approved Document M of the Building Regulations
Online Learning, by Lecico Bathrooms
New & Available Online
Document M (or Doc M) of the Building Regulations is one of a number of documents providing practical guidance for access to and use of buildings.
Doc M is split into 2 parts, volume one covers dwellings (domestic / residential dwellings) and volume 2 covers buildings other than dwellings (non domestic / residential dwellings).
This presentation focuses specifically on the guidelines and requirements of Doc M on sanitary facilities and considerations that need to be made designing or specifying sanitary products in non-residential buildings.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How to confidently design sanitary facilities to ensure compliance with approved Document M of the buildings regulations
Designing Efficient Healthcare Facilities
Seminar, by Arjo UK Ltd
This CPD aims to provide expert advice on designing healthcare facilities and consideration of patient/resident’s quality of care along with the quality of work from caregivers. It takes into account the environment, the equipment and the care skills required to implement efficiencies resulting in a positive financial outcome for the facility.
Designing for Dementia and Ageing
Online Learning, by Saint-Gobain Ecophon
New & Available Online
This CPD explores the effects of ageing and dementia on memory, sight and hearing and connects this to design, relating the information to research and standards.
Providing background information and examples of design details that may cause challenges to accessibility for older people and those living with dementia and information on and examples of ideas for achieving positive inclusive outcomes,
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Dementia and ageing; and the affects of these on our bodies and minds
- Design for inclusion
- Challenges in the design of a space that may affect an older person or someone with dementia and learn how to avoid them
- How to confidently promote positive aspects of design for dementia and ageing that help access and create engagement, and inclusion
- Current research findings and statistics on dementia
Designing the drylining package to inhibit fire growth
Online Learning, by British Gypsum
New & Available Online
The fundamentals of fire design when specifying internal lining systems. How to design room interiors to inhibit fire growth. How to protect the structural elements of a building in a fire to prevent structural collapse. How to achieve fire compartmentation when specifying wall, ceiling and floor constructions and finally, what you get with the British Gypsum SpecSure Warranty offer
Factory Tour
Factory Visit, by Lualdi UK
They will have a full overview of the production process of a door, from the raw material to the final product. This is for both the wooden, glass and aluminium products. Technical information will be provided about the materials, the door panel and hardware, during the visit
Floor Screeds and How to Avoid Failure
This seminar covers the different types of floor screeds and their applications, areas of floor failure, advice on how to avoid floor problems and on how to choose the correct floor specification.
Green & Blue Roofing: A Guide to Design and Specification
A guide to Blue Roofs in combination with Green Roofs - as well as the different types of Green Roof. The reasons for linking both green and blue is this that green roofs are one of the most common specifications for a Blue Roof finish, plus they both address key environmental aspects of responsible building design. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- Why Green Roofs are needed in building design
- Why Blue Roofs are needed in building design
- How both systems can work together
- How regulations and codes of practice drive specification and design and how to meet regulations
- The maintenance required and the implications on the life of the systems
Hardwood veneers for interior paneling and furniture
Seminar, by Schotten & Hansen
An introduction to natural hardwood veneers, exploring how the stages of production present many structural and design
choices to interior designers and interior architects; cuts and grades, matching patterns, surface texture and bespoke
colours, with a special focus on using naturally sourced materials to create a luxury finish. We also cover the essentials of sustainability, regulations, and health & safety, including procurement, installation, and aftercare.
How to Design a Breathable Membrane
Online Learning, by EFFISUS
New & Available Online
In our presentation, we will address the importance of considering a breathable membrane in the most common types of ventilated facades and how to design its application, as well as the considerations that must me taken into account when installing it on site.
Introduction to acoustic design and the drylining package
Online Learning, by British Gypsum
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an introduction to the principles of building acoustic design. It covers airborne and impact sound insulation, how sound absorbing products can be used to create good quality acoustic spaces, and the various types of products and systems available to provide good acoustic solutions.
Introduction to Engineered Quartz Surfaces
Online Learning, by Caesarstone UK
New & Available Online
This introductory seminar on engineered quartz surfaces aims to provide architects, designers and specifiers all the essential technical knowledge alongside insight and design possibilities to enable them to specify the material successfully in their projects. Engineered quartz, a man-made product formed from natural materials, first appeared in the market in the late eighties and is the fastest growing worktop material globally. It is often used for kitchen worktops, splashbacks, bathroom vanities, table tops, as well as commercial applications as hotel desks and bars.
Ironmongery, fire doors and intumescent protection
New & Available Online
This CPD will detail information on fire doors, appropriate hardware and the impact of intumescent protection on both. It will detail the main types of intumescent materials and the differing ways they will react as well as identifying the relevant standards and regulations. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The importance of fire doors – knowing what they are, why they need them and risks in not treating them properly
- Correct fire door hardware – recognising the items of hardware which are essential to the performance of a fire door as well as core essentials
- Fire testing – awareness of the specifics of how fire doors are tested as well as relevant standards
- Intumescent types and how they react – there are three main types of intumescent and knowing each one and where they are used
- Standards and regulations being aware of standards for fire and smoke performance, acoustics and other relevant regulations
Luxury Residential Audio – Bring the Concert Home
Online Learning, by Homeplay Ltd
New & Available Online
There is nothing like the energy and atmosphere of live music. Join us in Highgate, North London at the demonstration facilities of sound reinforcement specialists, L-Acoustics, where we'll explore bringing the power and emotion of live music into the luxury home, in this unique experiential CPD seminar.
By the end of this seminar, you will have a greater understanding of
- How live music can affect our mood, emotions and wellbeing
- The shift from live events to live streaming
- The difference between consumer grade and concert grade audio systems
- Room Acoustics, including in-room acoustics and sound containment/isolation
- User Interface and how we interact with a concert grade audio system
Luxury Residential Shading
Online Learning, by Homeplay Ltd
New & Available Online
A broad overview of automated shading systems in the context of a luxury residential environment. We'll cover why
shading is important, how automated shades can be powered and controlled, the importance of defining the purpose of your shade before choosing fabrics and how to choose fabrics based on performance.
Maintaining system integrity in drywall applications
Online Learning, by British Gypsum
New & Available Online
What constitutes a drylining system?
You will understand system performance characteristics and how they are achieved. The key standards relating to system performance and the difference between ‘BS’ and ‘EN’ requirements, how to make sure you can maintain system performance integrity and why this is important. You will also understand why only SpecSure Warranty gives you the support you need.
Oriented Strand Board (OSB): The Versatile Timber Panel
Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is a moisture resistant, structural timber board which can be used in various applications.
This CPD will focus on how it is made, grades of OSB, the sustainable benefits of using OSB and explain flame
retardance and its benefits. It will also cover the uses and benefits of specialist OSB boards for applications such as
drylining and flame retardant panels.
Overview of Curtain Walling Specification
Online Learning, by Cortizo UK Limited
New & Available Online
The content of this CPD is focused on Curtain Walling fundamentals. The architect will have an approach to the basic principles to be considered when specifying aluminium curtain walling. Main topics in this session are:

- Definition and main features of curtain wallings
- The different types of curtain walling available
- Design solutions in the market
- The standards that apply
- Curtain Walling performance criteria
- Installation examples and onsite-considerations
Parcel deliveries to housing developments and apartment buildings - staying one step ahead of competition
Online Learning, by The Safety Letterbox Company
New & Available Online
As a nation we love to shop, but how we buy goods and services is changing beyond recognition. We’ve become a nation of online shoppers. The high street delivers to us. Within the next ten years the number of parcels we’ll send and receive is forecast to double to six billion each year; the number of vans needed to deliver them likely to top a quarter of a million. Building owners, managers and property developers must take into account that parcel deliveries are now a fact of life and that – major health crises notwithstanding – most home dwellers cannot always be present when they arrive. This presentation offers several practical solutions to this issue – from stylish mail and parcel box combinations for single dwellings, to intelligent parcel delivery systems that send an email or text message when a package arrives – and explains how resolving the problems of clutter, heat loss, mail theft and fire safety are just some of the many benefits they provide.
Responsible Design with Wood and Paper Based Panels.
Online Learning, by Kronospan Ltd
Wood and paper-based panels are used extensively in interior design, however recent innovations across all types of materials have provided the opportunity to specify products that achieve a consistent and high-quality aesthetic more sustainably. Join us for an informative exploration on how architects and designers today are able to design more responsibly with melamine-faced boards and laminates, to provide increasingly sustainable projects whilst delivering better value to clients. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- An understanding of the technical capabilities of wood and paper-based materials
- Able to understand and identify appropriate applications for the various wood and paper-based materials
- To be able to confidently specify wood and paper-based materials for suitable applications
- To have the knowledge to design inclusive and sustainable spaces for everyone to use
- To have the knowledge to consider how material selection can increase project sustainability
Siphonic Roof Drainage
Seminar, by Aliaxis
Siphonic rainwater systems offer significant benefits to specifiers as they require less space in the building, reduced
labour to install and smaller diameter pipework to drain roof quicker than conventional systems. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- How siphonic systems can optimise building space
- The principles of siphonic design Vs gravity systems
- How to reduce building costs associated to roof drainage
- Reducing material requirements
Specifying Rigid Full Fill Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity wall construction is one of the most common build methods. Whilst the fundamentals have not changed, the way we design and build cavity walls has evolved as construction methods change and performance targets increase. This presentation looks at the evolution of cavity wall construction and provides insights in to understanding thermal conductivity values, design considerations and relevant regulations and approvals. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The evolution of cavity wall construction
- Thermal conductivity values
- Typical installation solutions
- Relevant regulations and approvals
- Design considerations
Teulo Talks: Deep Knowledge
Online Learning, by Teulo Ltd
New & Available Online
These online events invite thought-leaders and gamechangers to share their new approaches and cutting-edge innovations with a targeted global audience of architects and designers.

These sessions of a half day or a full day's duration enable architects, designers and building professionals to keep up to date. This is where the industry meets, connects and gets inspired by behind-the-scenes insights into the the work of industry experts, worldwide.

These events count as detailed knowledge if taken in one part only; they count as deep knowledge if the full day is taken.
Teulo Talks: Detailed Knowledge
Online Learning, by Teulo Ltd
New & Available Online
These online events invite thought-leaders and gamechangers to share their new approaches and cutting-edge innovations with a targeted global audience of architects and designers.

These sessions of a half day or a full day's duration enable architects, designers and building professionals to keep up to date. This is where the industry meets, connects and gets inspired by behind-the-scenes insights into the the work of industry experts, worldwide.

These events count as detailed knowledge if taken in one part only; they count as deep knowledge if the full day is taken.
The Environmental Benefits of Installing Permeable Paving
Online Learning, by Instarmac Group plc
New & Available Online
The Environment Agency states: “Over 3 million properties in England are at risk of surface water flooding…Surface water flooding is a risk because of its effect. It hits not just individual homes and businesses, but the whole infrastructure – road, rail, utilities etc – of a town or city, disrupting pretty much all aspects of modern life.” For the first time in 2016, surface water flooding was included on the National Risk Register by the government. It appears in the current 2020 edition as well. Typical consequences of such flooding causes irreparable damage to architecture and the environment, downturn in the local area's economy and human injury. UltraScape present ‘The Environmental Benefits of Installing Permeable Paving’ core curriculum CPD. The aim of this session is to highlight permeable paving as an alternative to traditional structures. Details of how permeable paving can provide a safe and environmentally-friendly substitute will be discussed. The full construction of the permeable paving installation, and materials used will be confirmed, before a number of wider environmental scheme considerations are delivered for deliberation.
By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- A deep understanding of the flooding crisis
- The need for permeable paving constructions
- How they benefit and have a positive effect
- Construction of the permeable paving installation and materials used
- Wider environmental scheme considerations
The Future of Student Accommodation - Washroom Design at its Heart
Seminar, by Rada
A welcoming place to live is paramount to student satisfaction. Safe and comfortable washrooms are key to achieving exactly that. Student accommodation providers must be confident that water controls are delivering a great experience for students, while meeting industry requirements and operating efficiently. This seminar will explore the opportunities offered by an increasing market demand for student accommodation, how effective design choices can improve the user's experience and safety and the key considerations to be made when designing the washrooms of the future.
Understanding Secondary Glazing
This 45-minute CPD session is designed to inform designers, architects and specifiers of the many outcomes and benefits of including a secondary glazing solution within their projects. The session is to be delivered by a member of Granada's commercial sales division and will, in detail, outline the situations in which secondary glazing should, and can, be specified. By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:
- The many benefits of secondary glazing
- The typical applications for secondary glazing, particularly in listed and conservation controlled buildings
- The key considerations when designing a scheme that requires secondary glazing
Use of Zinc in the Building Envelope
Online Learning, by elZinc
New & Available Online
This CPD provides an understanding of the use of Zinc as an architectural material to fully appreciate its flexibility and design possibilities for traditional and contemporary architecture, from its use as roofing and rainwater systems through to modern rainscreen façade systems, also covering its sustainability profile and inherent fire safety characteristics.