RIBA CPD Showcase eBulletin

June 2021 overview

RIBA CPD Showcase from the RIBA CPD Providers Network

The impact of water on our planet and ourselves cannot be overstated. Covering 71% of the Earth’s surface, its presence shaped the Grand Canyon and its absence the Sahara Desert. Water accounts for around 60% of our body weight. We can live without food for weeks but without water for mere days. Water is vital – and in the UK alone we each use around 142 litres of it every day.

The energy and infrastructure needed to transport and deliver that quantity of clean, fresh – and safe – water to our homes and workplaces has inevitably resulted in it coming under close scrutiny. The drive for sustainability has led to greater innovation, and the focus of this month’s CPD Showcase.

All CPD materials featured here count towards your annual total requirement of 100 learning points and as they are all RIBA-accredited, you’ll earn double points. These materials have been created by members of the RIBA CPD Providers Network, a group of construction industry product and service providers committed to raising professional standards and promoting best practice.

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