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Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The following CPD materials fall within the ‘Health, safety and wellbeing’ RIBA Core Curriculum topic.
Eat, Sleep, Work and Repeat: Circadian Disruption and Human Centric Lighting
Seminar, by Dyson
A seminar about about human-centric lighting. Learn how humans have evolved to depend on light and how we now understand more about artificial light and its effects on circadian disruption. The presentation covers: human evolution and our connection to natural light and darkness, natural light versus artificial light, human visual sensitivity, human centric lighting applications, and the WELL Building Standard for lighting.
For technology to have a positive effect, it must work properly. By solving problems and relentlessly innovating, Dyson strives to set new standards for performance and wellbeing in business and leisure environments.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45-50 minutes
Roofing Systems: Managing Risk for the Principal Designer
Are you fully aware of the health and safety (and associated) risks of elements such as fire and wind damage? This seminar aims to help specifiers design and select roofing solutions that meet current and predicted legislative requirements (including changes in CDM), reduce the risk of litigation and associated consequences, and provide the required levels of performance and guarantees.
Quality and innovation are just two of the characteristics common to all Sika Liquid Plastics products. They are evidenced in the company’s products, manufacturing processes and research and development.
Since 1963 Sika Liquid Plastics has produced an extensive range of high-performance, cold-applied, technologically-advanced coatings and membranes for the protection and waterproofing of roofs and balconies.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes