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The following RIBA-approved CPD materials fall within the RIBA core curriculum topic ‘Architecture for social purpose’ (and may fall within other core curriculum topics as well). This covers improving life changes, social identity, cohesion and wellbeing. It also addresses having the knowledge and skills to make informed, fair and ethical choices and to influence the project team and supply chain.
Online Learning, by Portakabin Limited
New & Available Online
This CPD will provide an understanding of the history, background and principles of modular and offsite technology and, how it can contribute to a more efficient, sustainable and safer method of construction.

The presentation also offers an insight and overview of the considerations for the architect in approaching a modular approach and the benefits vs traditional construction methods.
Seminar, by Hafele UK Ltd
This seminar looks at electric access control systems, the elements that make up these systems and correct specification. It will help you to understand the following topics:
- The definition of an electronic access control system
- The elements that make up a system
- Considerations for different applications
- Issues to be considered when specifying a system

Häfele CPDs are available upon request for in-person delivery at your office. Virtual CPDs are held regularly throughout the year - contact the team at estimating@hafele.co.uk for upcoming dates.
Seminar, by UZIN UTZ
This CPD will:
- Look at what resin flooring is and discover the benefits.
- Explore the interior design potential.
- Look at best practice and how to reduce risk.
Online Learning, by KP Acoustics Research Labs Ltd
New & Available Online
The presentation looks at the fundamentals of sound insulation and sound transmission, which is one of the core aspects covered by the building regulations, and which also contributes to other certification schemes such as BREEAM. It first examines the principles of sound absorption, reflection and transmission, considers the building regulations and in what situations these cover sound insulation, and then examines the principles of sound transmission and sound insulation in different settings, including structurally transmitted and airborne sound. It concludes by looking at how sound insulation performance can be improved through good design.
Seminar, by Spiral Cellars Ltd
‘Go underground and give your wine a home of its own’ is designed to give the audience a thorough understanding of the need for wine storage, how to store wine correctly and the benefits of underground wine storage, with technical background on the components and processes involved in constructing a prefabricated natural wine cellar.
The audience will come away from this seminar with the knowledge to advise their residential and hospitality clients on how best to store their wine collection.
New & Available Online
This CPD covers the key standards and considerations to take into account when specifying a hotel bathroom or washroom. These decisions can have a huge impact on running costs as well as on guest safety and satisfaction. The presentation's aim is to ensure optimum product performance and satisfaction for facility users, aesthetics and ease of maintenance within a hotel environment.

The presentation looks at:
- Key standards within hotel bathrooms and washrooms affecting safety, water and energy conservation and user accessibility through compliance with Part M regulations
- Each major product area (such as sanitaryware, taps and showering) explaining the opportunities around product choices in a hotel and importantly how these need to comply with various regulations, including Approved Document G of the Building Regulations and the Water Supply Regulations
Seminar, by SurfaceCo Ltd
New & Available Online
This CPD covers the introduction of the Bio-polymer Seamless floor coverings, its advantages and benefits over sheet coverings that includes Vinyl/PVCs. This presentation also looks at different aggregates and various colour options.

By the end of the presentation you should have a greater understanding of:
• The manufacturing process of Vinyl/PVCs and its harmful effects on the environment.
• The term “Red-List free” and its importance.
• Seamless, sustainable, Red-list free Bio-polymer floors.
• The benefits, uniqueness, and the manufacturing process of Bio-polymer Floors.
Online Learning, by Forterra Building Products
New & Available Online
Studies show that the number of people affected by floods is growing much faster than scientists previously had thought, due both to increased inundation and migration of people into flood-prone areas.

The Climate Emergency, with its predictions of even more flooding events in the future. We need technologies that alleviate some of the worst effects of flooding on human life, health and property.

This CPD seeks to provide an understanding of the role permeable paving SuDS can play in the natural approach to management of stormwater: - the principles, design and detailed application. This includes an in depth overview of the systems properties, materials and construction.
Creating thermally efficient buildings is critical. All too often buildings are created and there is a performance gap - the difference between as designed and as built. This presentation looks at the performance gap and why it exists and the impact. It looks at how it can be addressed with a fabric first approach and what the benefits of continuous insulation and calculated construction details are. It also looks at understanding the impact of thermal bridging and improving airtightness.
New & Available Online
This seminar will enable the listener to:
- Make informed choices when specifying tiling in swimming pools and leisure areas by considering the impact that tiles, backgrounds, water chemistry and the finished environments will have on the adhesive and grout specification.
- Learn how to avoid common failures through optimum product specification and guidance on best practice.
- Feel confident about selecting and specifying the appropriate tile fixing solutions in most wet leisure situations.

This CPD can be delivered to you live and remotely.
Seminar, by Jotun A/S
This CPD on Specifying Traffic Floor Coatings aims to support the specifiers to understand the importance of concrete traffic deck protection.

It explains the different selection parameters for each level of the car park and its relevance. In addition it explains the different technology used for floor protection and how to specify each one of them.
New & Available Online
This CPD is intended to help Specifiers understand the link between Paint and Fire; how it is covered by Legislation and how the risks can be mitigated.
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